Sunday, August 7, 2011

July Adoration

A little bit late but better late than never. I've been all hands of deck lately and I'm back to dreaded work (which I still love to be fair but having a break was glorious and productive!).

This month the focus has been non-makeup! Having been testing my own eyeshadows (and trying not to quadruple post on them XD) I've decided to explore more of the skin care and perfume (no surprises) side.

First up is moisturiser. I have very oily skin (blame the genetics) and so I tend to avoid oily moisturisers. My T-zone usually never gets moisturised as it's just too oily. My cheeks however can get dry and flaky after I clean my face with acne cleanser and its drier in winter (in Australia it's currently winter). So I use a oil free moisturiser, just a very simple one to combat the occasional dry spots without making me oily.

What I use is Clean & Clear Active Clear Soothing oil free moisturiser. It has a delectable mature scent, is quite watery but light and effective for a boost to dry skin. I like it for its long term effects which keeps in moisture that your body naturally builds up over a few hours or more.

To follow on why not talk about acne cleansers? With oily skin I do get breakouts pretty much all the time. I don't have serious breakouts but I always like to have none than even a little. I've been trying everything after so long of not caring for cleansers and the two here are just a couple that I'm trying to get through. Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit wash which I chose for the scent (I'm a sucker for citrus if you haven't picked that up by now!) and Power Clear scrub is my current go tos because they are stronger than most other cleansers, but there are a lot of others from Clearasil and Clean & Clear that I've tried too. I have to make note that nothing works when it comes to hormones or stress (which is hormones anyway) in play and the most stubborn breakouts don't even get a jolt from the strongest cleansers.

Perfume wise I've been keeping to Daisy by Marc Jacobs Eau de Parfum. It seems like winter weather warrants strong perfume. Daisy has been my long time favourite and if you've read the back end and what I consider the old era of my blog you'll see a billion posts on this perfume! Since buying this I haven't looked back and I own three bottles of it which include 2 Eau de Toilettes. I love it since it's refreshing and floral but still has a depth to it.

Lastly just a very quick mention of Aromaleigh's lip balm. I'm not a lip balm fan but having been itching to use up all the lip balms I acquired I've been getting used to the bare/lip balm look for every single day. I'm over it to be honest. It does the job but it's oh so boring. I've finished yuzu and pink grapefruit (which if you recall was mentioned in January, yes that long!) and half of italian blood orange. When I'm done I'm definitely switching to lip colour/glosses. It has made me a little scared to wear plums which is my usual winter routine every year which in itself is scaring me because I don't want to lose my dramatic self!

What have you been using in the last month? Do you ever have style changes? Do you ever try and use up makeup so that you can move on to new things?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Hehe the bottle is so cute :3 I always want to buy it, but then I remember that the smell isn't my fave

  2. You should always get a perfume you like. Packaging is just a plus. You can always buy a cute bottle for your perfumes? Or steal that bottle from a friend to reuse, haha!


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