Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Updates and Going Ons

So I thought I was due for an update about not just my cosmetic making but the blog itself. 
At the moment I've just resumed from a break and I have to get back to work which I'm doing more hours than before so it will be as hectic as EVER to put it ever so lightly.
I've tried to make some posts ready to schedule but there isn't much important content such as reviews which I know everyone loves to read a lot more than other posts.
So I've made a goal but will only commit to it if I have time.
No time, no new posts sadly.
So I'll try to do about 1:1 of new product reviews of just acquired products and old products that I was supposed to review in the Jurassic Period!
(That's just the review to review ratio, not the ratio to other posts.)

I've also massively queued my Tumblr which is here if you haven't seen it.
It's roughly a 2 a day posting so you might follow it or check on it once a week for some inspirational boost (or check my Twitter as it updates it)!

Lastly about my cosmetic making.
I am on limited time but I've also promised myself to take it slow and steady, create when I have time, and not to fret when I don't have time.
I have one collection in my store so I think it's okay that I don't release anything for a few months which does seem like a long time.
BUT it will be crazy cool stuff.
I have so many ideas that are in a queue (excuse the repetitiveness of the word 'queue'!)
It will be surprising and different.
I've spent much brain power on working on unique concepts that will have you blown away but ready to run and come back and see it all again (and the cycle continues! Haha).
Some will not be part of a formal collection so you won't have to 'catch them all'.

I also created new listings to buy 6 colours for a discount which is cheaper and easier!
(Also please do the poll on the top right of this blog about sample vs mini jars!)
I'm working on better deals and also better quality which is of utmost importance at the moment.

Posting may be more or less once a week.
That also means that again I might be late to answer to comments but I still expect a lively chat!

Love Porcelaine.

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