Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Inglot Flakies/203 Nail Polish

So out of all the things I could choose from Inglot I had to choose a flakie. Some sort of illogical thought process went in my mind saying that a $15 nail polish would be cheaper and more responsible than getting a $25 discounted small palette. Of course now I regret it and feel like an idiot but at least I chose a nail polish that was the most interesting. I bought this in the beginning of the year and wore it four or so times in different ways which I'll show you in this post.

This was the first time on top of this NOTD (click) you might recognise. I painted my nails with each of the Inglot flakies at their store so you can see slight differences between them. Once upon a time they had an Inglot store at my local shopping centre which I found odd as it wasn't a metropolitan area. When they closed Inglot closed a large majority of their stores and only a couple remain in Sydney.

I found in particular that if you are using no base or light bases then the colours really come out in low light settings. Try a bathroom with evenly distributed light and you're set to see the actual colours shine.

That said it's an absolute pain trying to see the colours normally. Above you can see that in high light settings practically nothing turns up. Below from this NOTD is when I used it for a light periwinkle blue and that was in general an all out fail for Inglot.

This last NOTD really shows the flakie shine. Over a dark base it's brilliant and works wonders and you can see the shading from green to blue to purple. It is actually unbelievably beautiful, like a black opal and I'm glad I chose this colour (203) over the others because I'm sure this was the best in range of colour change and visibility.

I need to get on to reviewing the actual product. It's not anything extremely special. It's literally flakes in a clear base. However there is the perfect amount put into it and it's easy to get more flakes onto your finger with the brush. It dries quite smooth and wears well.

It comes is very simple white box with basic details, far from the most exciting to come across. The price is what really gets me. I think it's too expensive for such a simple product in a very small bottle (8 ml) but it falls in line with the other Inglot products. This size is actually smaller than the majority of other Inglot nail polishes so flakies are more expensive per ml!

Would I buy it again? No I wouldn't. I know there are alternatives. I know there are far cheaper alternative. Although I'm impressed by the quality it's not enough to make me want to buy any of Inglot's nail polishes but if you're the type who isn't miffed about pricing then this is the alley for you.

Have you tried Inglot? What do you think of them?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I never tried Inglot before, but some of the colours look lovey! Will have to check out the brand! x

  2. Hi Kia!
    Definitely try out their shadows. They are so pigmented!


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