Monday, November 21, 2011

Random Self Conversing #11 Revamped: Colour Love Affair

I feel it's time that I let go of how I used to do this segment of my blog. You may have noticed that I haven't posted one of these for a long time and considering the mass of EOTD's I didn't feel that I should have to explain that I posted these. Instead I've opened up new ground and decided not to get rid of these completely but make use of this space as a way to just converse about makeup or any other issues that may arise. I think I could consider this the composite of my monthly adorations where I can be informal, include rants and talk directly to you! So here is the first of the RSCs Revamped!

Lately I've been getting into a pattern of purchasing products in similar colours or hunting down/browsing/surfing the net of products in these shades. I've become a little obsessed about bright orange lipstick that sits in the middle range rather than toning down to a red. So far I've bought Evil Shades' orange lipstick in Ardour, Mavala's 231 Ibiza lipstick, stalked Morgana's Shrieking Orange lippy and nearly bought MAC's Good To Go and Stila's orange lip glaze stick only to find that they were sold out just as I went to the checkout online...

But I think this strange orange obsession all started with Medusa's lipgloss in Loud Mouth! I was attracted by its tangerine scent but enamoured by the look of the gloss - coppery yet still clearly orange (in fact the frosty shimmer kept the shade lighter counteracting my pigmented lips). You could say I fell in love!

That wasn't the only colour I've fallen in love with. For lipgloss I've become attracted to blacks because of my gothic tendencies. YSL's famous black lipgloss would be my obvious choice, and Lipstick Queen's Black Tie Optional yet I haven't owned either (or MAC's Style Black collection). But instead I went for something more at arm's length: Lancome's Piha Black Lipgloss! I loved the jelly texture which was moisturising and glossy, and the real highlight of this gloss was the flurry of silver sparkles throughout the black gloss.

Last but not least eyeshadows went along the bright chartreuse direction. After getting a sample of Aromaleigh's Estranged from their Rocks! collection I started to get extremely attracted to all shades of chartreuse. My love deepened bitterly when Rocks! became discontinued but I felt that Estranged was so hypnotically perfect that I needed a replacement for it. That unleashed a whole fit of chartreuse collecting and I seemed to have ordered all shades of chartreuse that I should have enough yet none has matched Estranged's particular personality. My most recent acquisition? Inglot's AMC 41.

So this compulsion might be getting out of hand but I wonder does anyone else have a habit of collecting makeup with certain characteristics? I know I shouldn't buy more. Enough people have complained that you don't need more makeup because isn't a purple a purple? What are your thoughts on this?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I'm exactly the same with purple lipsticks, I'm compelled to buy every single one in existence. I know that they don't look all that different and I could probably get a similar effect from mixing shades, but dammit I love purple lipstick!

  2. It gets even worse when you feel like you have to compare products. I had an itch to buy every mattifying top coat but had to keep telling myself that I only needed one!


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