Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Review: BYS Colour Change Nail Polish - Bright Pink + NOTD

If you haven't already I've reviewed both Bright Purple and Blue Colour Change nail polishes. This time I'm reviewing Bright Pink.


Bright Pink is a fresh bubblegum pink (very lovable and attractive in my opinion) to dark pink colour changing nail polish. It's similar to Bright purple and has a similar matte plastic finish. This nail polish, like Blue, luckily had a fair consistency requiring a good 2 coats for opacity, dries reasonably quick and has no streaks at all!

No flash

Bright Pink wasn't spectacularly stunning in the colour change. Although it does change it's not a major step and you need a dramatic temperature change to notice it. Below you can see it's a bubblegum pink when warm, dark pink when cold.

Would I buy it again? Yes and no. It's a very affordable price (at $4 in my case) but the quality is unpredictable. Overall the nail polishes are a standard gimmick. Had Bright Purple's consistency been thicker and opaque in 2~3 coats I'd be happy to say it's a perfect catch with such an articulated colour change. It does what it says but not to stunning effect.

BYS is stocked in Kmart, The Reject Shop and Hot Dollar/discount stores around Australia!

Love Porcelaine.

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