Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review: BYS Haul Shimmer Pearls (05 Highlighter), Copper Shimmer Powder, Neon Orange Eyeliner

Not long ago I made an introduction to a small BYS haul I made a while ago and this is the awaited review. 

What I bought:

  • Shimmer Pearls (05 Highlighter) - $5.95
  • Copper Shimmer Powder - $4.95
  • Neon Orange Eyeliner - $3.95

Product & Results:

The Shimmer Pearls are a knockoff of Guerlain Meteorites and it's not the only one (e.g. from the reputable Korean brand Etude House with a few similar products, to cheap brand W7 which has a dupe up to the packaging). There are six shades available from the highlighting to bronzing type. I chose the shade 05 Highlighter because it was reminiscent of Guerlain's trademark shade and it had pretty pastels colours throughout: pink, pearl, orange, purple and green. It comes in a sealed clear top jar and a plastic insert to keep the pearls still.

As beautiful as this sounded, when it came to the crunch it was a different story. The pearls were hard and it was difficult to pick up the powder. It resulted in mostly sheer application. None of the colours were discernible when applied together and turned into a pale white fine shimmer. Each colour by itself when applied very hard looked beautiful. It applies a little powdery. The amount is small with only 1 layer of pearls covering the base of the jar. The worst part was the smell! It smells of a plasticy scent despite containing 'parfum' and is hardly bearable.

 Copper Shimmer Powder Top left, Shimmer Pearls Top right, Neon Orange Eyeliner bottom

The Copper Shimmer Powder is the second cheapest. The title includes the shade name so it's confusing as to whether this was a whole range of Copper Shimmer Powder rather than a range of Shimmer Powders containing a Copper shade. In reality there are 5 shades ranging from bronze to gold to natural. They come in a fancy brush with the powder in a containment coming out of the brush to be applied on the skin. The brush has a plastic guard to prevent bent bristles and a cap. The brush itself and the whole device is sealed with plastic shrink wrap. The cap is sealed with a sticker. That's a lot of kerfuffle!

This is really a simple product. The product is one colour of mica shimmer. It can be applied to the face and I like to use it as a unique alternative to blush (It tends to look glittery). It can be built up to a more heavy shimmer or just a light sparkle. The brush is just horrendous quality. It's not a nice texture, its bristles fall out and it's too soft. Overall it's good value with thought in the product but BYS' quality remains the problem.

With the Neon Orange Eyeliner the colour doesn't look neon, more like pumpkin orange. The pencil is too hard to apply to the eye. It drags and it rubs off eyeshadow. The formula is too waxy, a little chalky, dry and not smooth. It comes in the generic wood pencil packaging with a clear lid which is a shame since not all of their range of eyeliners are in pencil form, though this is to be expected for the price.

Would I buy these again?

Unfortunately I find that the smell of the Shimmer Pearls to be the deal breaker and it's difficulty to pick up product would make it too hard to apply. The Copper Shimmer Powder at its afforable price makes it worth it and the brush is bearable to work with. The eyeliner is totally rubbish to be honest so I would definitely not buy it again.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Have you tried the eyeliner as a lipliner? All my orange lipsticks lean on the red side, so I'm looking for a pure orange lipliner to lighten them up :)

  2. I'm going to post on the eyeliner tomorrow. I have the same problem. Everything is red tinged but I seem to still buy orange lipstick anyway! Need the perfect one!


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