Friday, December 2, 2011

NOTD: Essence Choose Me! & Inglot 203 Flakie

On the quest for more ways to use flakies this turned out and I'm loving the mermaid nail attire! This is just a gorgeously complementing pair and looks as if it would make a great single colour with the match.

Essence Choose Me! is the base in 2 coats and Inglot 203 as top coat. 
This is a close up of the best photos but it was SO hard to capture! It's really more beautiful in real life and the flakies are their own separate pieces rather than the glittery-ness of the photos.

 No flash.
I think flakies work really well with glittery textures and make them a lot more complex unlike normal nail polish. Hopefully your friends will get a wow out of it when they see it in the corner of their eye!
I really hope you enjoyed this even if the photos aren't great! 
Have you ever had perfect combos of nail polish before?

Love Porcelaine.

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