Monday, December 5, 2011

Prelude to BYS Haul Shimmer Pearls (05 Highlighter), Copper Shimmer Powder, Neon Orange Eyeliner Review

So I mentioned a while ago that I made the forbidden BYS haul. I couldn't stop kicking myself because I had almost resolutely said I would never buy their stuff again. But years have passed since my first purchases and BYS has grown, although not quite making it to high quality 'drug store' brands as you would say in the US. After going shopping with an old friend who wanted a few of my eyeshadows we ended up in a makeup shop which pretty much fully stocked BYS (and that's unheard of anywhere!). I had never come across the products I chose but when I did I couldn't help myself!

The first to catch my eyes were these curious set of powder balls called Shimmer Pearls. I made no mistake and I knew exactly what I was looking at! You had me at thought: "Guerlain Meteorites DUPE" and I had to buy it!

Sidetrack to story: Years ago I was staring at the Guerlain counter looking at the Meteorites and how pretty the packaging was and how beautiful all the colours of the balls were. Of course I didn't end up buying THAT and instead I bought a limited edition palette which I will never touch because of how beautiful the top design layer was. So I'm much the idiot makeup buyer with no sense or self control!

On to the next thing: Copper shimmer powder. I don't know why I bought this considering I could technically make this myself. But one could never stop being a makeup hoarder I suppose. Sparkly copper powder which could make a unique addition as a blush highlight that just hints at the copper colour made me fall for this. I keep going on about sparkly vampires when I hate *insert unsaid name vampire book series* but I think that's the story of my life: 'Gothic girl glimmers in moonlight' (and sunlight if you must ask). So this shimmer being no ordinary highlight colour just makes me swoon.

Lastly there's the Neon orange eyeliner. I don't think I intend to use this as an eyeliner alone. Truthfully I bought this because being addicted to bright true orange lipsticks I thought I might use this on my lips and put gloss over it therefore transforming this to a lipstick! But as an eyeliner it still has its uses and I welcome bright (obnoxious =P) eyeliners to have a party on my eyes any day! I did try out some sort of fluoro yellow eyeshadow on my hand but that is just over the line in terms of crazy and useless; it was significantly powdery and horrible application, the BYS benchmark.

So here's the story, what about the test? I have my reservations on BYS products but we'll see what happens when it gets to the review. Look out for it, it's coming!

Love Porcelaine.

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