Saturday, December 17, 2011

Revelations! The new 'HEART OF GOLD' collection is on its way!

The awaited collection theme is finally being released. 
It's called Heart of Gold and based on that interesting periodic element!
The collection will contain 1 pressed blush, 1 pressed veil and 5 eyeshadows all named in theme with the collection!

You might remember Rosie the 'Lipsticker' as the sort of mascot for the Lipstick Feminist collection.
So as a sneak peek here is the Heart of Gold collection mascot!

I hand drew her on my computer and had to learn a new program just for this!
I've never actually drawn anything like this on the computer because I like the traditional drawing method, but I have to say it wasn't such a bad ordeal!
She look very CUTE indeed!

In the next week or so the items will be available for preorder at my store.
I will be continually posting the descriptions of each product, releasing EOTDs and if I have enough time before I go overseas I'll be holding a giveaway!

Meanwhile the listings for the old collection Lipstick Feminist will be overhauled and categorised.

This collection will be slightly complicated by the fact that I will be away during mid January to mid February. More news will be released on how this will be managed.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Thanks! All those countless hours are now worth it! Haha!


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