Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: BYS Neon Orange Eyeliner Followup

On my introduction to my small BYS haul I mentioned about possibly using the Neon Orange Eyeliner as a lipliner with a coat of lipgloss to create a lipstick. As an eyeliner it was total rubbish.

Jerry from Silhouette Screams was curious to see a true orange rather than a red based one so I had a go trying it!

 Previous swatch

It turned out pretty well actually. It was hard to apply since it still was hard and waxy but the colour seemed to stay true to the pumpkin orange that you see in the swatch. I applied a clear but shimmery Medusa's Makeup lip gloss on top which masked the smell of the eyeliner, smoothed out the waxy texture and softened the look of the eyeliner. I don't think I could build it up to be a lipstick texture as it was more like a pigmented lipbalm and it was hard to get full opacity without pulling at the lips. I don't think it would last long unless you put less lip gloss so that the eyeliner retains adhesion.

Verdict? It's worth a try at $3.95 if you can't find anything else to replace it. The only real downside is application.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. YAY thanks for the swatch! I may have to go get this :D

  2. Can't wait to see how it goes for you.

  3. a year later... [it's been a VERY bad year. i've spent over 1/10th of it in the bloody hospital.]

    i have to ask - have you tried heating this liner? lighter or match? you'd be shocked at how often it works...

  4. Oh, I'm so glad to see you back! I wanted to email you though I obviously didn't :S. I could try heating it in the microwave though as it is the quality is surprising horrendous at application. Thanks for the advice!

  5. i am *REALLY* sorry i was gone :( but i am back. did you see that i left a [better] comment on the post "did anyone ever buy this stuff?
    no, nix, nyet, nein - NO microwave! just... *shudder*
    a match, a lighter, a candle - even near a hot light bulb, on a radiator/heating vein maybe... or... wrap up in platic wrap or baggie [as water tight as possilbe] and run hot water

    most effecive: dircet heat; flame [match, lighter, candle] 1-3 secs
    next effectve: radiation; heater, radiator, lightbulb 3-7?
    less: don't know - hot water. stove burner? hair dryger last is ~5 secs

    microwave = esplody pencil and sad porcelain [and sade me, too, ovs]

  6. Don't be at all sorry! It's out of your control and you didn't do anything wrong :). I think the microwave could be okay for very short bursts as long as it's covered with no metal. But I'll promise to be careful if I do end up doing it! At the moment I'm not particularly inclined in using it.

  7. well, good luck.
    i freak at the thought because you're never *quite* sure what's in stuff... for instance, there are eyeliner pencils that have flecks of metals in them. [also: i was VERY drugged when i wrote that, as should be obvious. lol. wow, my typing skill is so VERY bad when i've taken meds!]

  8. That's true, there may be metal in some eyeliners. I'll keep that in mind.


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