Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Review: Essence Vampire's Love Collection & Distribution

Around the beginning of December I popped into Target and found the current Essence Collection called Vampire's Love. This was a very strange occurrence for me as Australia's Target hasn't really gotten the Essence limited edition ranges in order, they've been really slow to release things and haven't been found in every Target I've come across.

This one Target I visited previously did not have any Essence products but this time I found remnants of 2 old collections dating from 3/4 year back placed to the side and the latest one almost fully stocked in the main Essence displays. It seems that they have been popular (considering Target's makeup area doesn't sell that well for the range of brands they keep).

This time I purchased 2 items to refrain from overbuying. I picked Vampire's Love 01 Love at first bite Palette for $7.50 and 01 Gold Old Buffy nail polish at $3.50. Both are great value.

The palette contains 6 complementing colours: a dirty gold on matte black base, a blackened blue matte, dark purple shimmer, black matte with silver sparkles, sheer silver, and baby pink. The colours are thoughtful and sophisticated however the quality wasn't up to par. A lot of the colours were matte and tended to transfer everywhere when worn (I got the panda eye look). The mattes were pigmented but the shimmer was subtle and some colours when worn didn't tend to match the colour in the palette: e.g. the gold didn't come up that much and the black base is overwhelming. The formula is smooth, 'silky' as it claims, but it's not really layerable.

This packaging is great with each shade in their own compartment and a huge mirror spanning the whole area of the palette. It looks polished and professional and suits older people as well as their targeted youth. On the other hand the brush was rubbish, too stiff and plastic, and the sponge side too soft.

The nail polish range is also well conceptualised and Essence really has a great marketing strategy for innovative products. The colour Gold Old Buffy is a gorgeous antique gold on black base. It's not that glossy though, and takes 2~3 coats for full coverage.

Two other colours that I managed to get swatches of are I think called True Love (below left) which is a red plum shimmer and Into the Dark (below right) which was a unique denim blue with silver sparkles. Essence nail polishes seem easy to remove, not streaky though Gold Old Buffy was slightly patchy at 2 coats.

Coming back to the distribution I can only guess that the old collections were bought when they were in the process of slowly distributing products to each of the Target stores and then became outdated. Maybe this collection is the start of properly selling the current collections?

Would I buy these again? 
Yes, At $7.50 the palette is a good catch and provides carefully conceptualised colours to create a dark, smokey and vampy look that is easy to achieve. The nail polish colours are nicely themed and most of the colours were unique, not overdone. As with all other Essence nail polishes I have tried I continue to be impressed with the interesting colours they offer and would certainly buy them again!

Have you tried Essence? Has anyone been able to find them around your area?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I hauled a little bit from the Vampires Love Collection but didn't get any of the pieces you did, so now I'm living vicariously through you :) I picked up the cheek stain, both the lip stains and the denim blue and light blue polishes.

    The distribution is a bit rubbish up in QLD too though, I think I went to 4-5 Targets and only 2 had the Vampires Love collection. :(

  2. I was tempted to buy everything but I keep reminding myself I have so much I haven't used already. The Lash volumiser sounded interesting but didn't look like it would work. The cheek stain looked great though.

    I've been wondering what the heck they are doing with distribution but it seems now that they are having it everywhere. Before I thought it was just a test.


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