Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Before I Go....!

A reminder about what will happen in the coming month:

  1. 30% OFF STOREWIDE (to compensate for being away!)
  2. I will be 'away' from now until 14th February. The shop will remain open and will be accepting orders but won't be made or shipped until I get back. I'll be unable to attend to emails or blogging as I will have limited internet connection (if any).
  3. You might be wondering what will be happening with the blushes. I completed one pressed blush called Lotus! I will be working on making 2 more *bright* blushes when I'm back!
  4. Here's is a link in case of boredom! My gothable Tumblr will be on queue and hopefully last till I'm back! My twitter will probably be quiet while I'm away. My Facebook has just been overhauled to reflect what's currently happening and I'll try and revive it to become more informative and streamlined (it will be a little quiet in the meantime).
  5. There will be at least one more review to be posted and that will be on ELF Shimmer Pencil Eyeliners!
  6. I'll try to take as many EOTDs. This is the first time in a long time of having continue excuses to do my makeup (except for being restricted in what I bring) as I'll be going out enjoying a different scenery.
  7. Charity eyeshadows, hmmm. I've chosen to broaden my area of interest as it seems too obscure to find a particular charity to donate to. There will be 2 eyeshadows with ALL PROFITS going to a charitable cause. Who I'll choose is yet to be decided and details will be posted when I'm back. I don't only aim to raise money but to inform! If you haven't noticed I like putting facts on my product pages (though don't quote me on someone's life! =P!). I fully believe that knowledge and being educated are the foundations of life, should also be a joy and easy to access!
  8. Hopefully when I'm back I'll be happy, healthy, refreshed, ready to roll on and bursting with more to come!
With love, Porcelaine.

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