Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F/ELF) Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils in All colours

ELF is widely known in the USA and it's only been recently that ELF has come over the Australia (for the second time in fact!). I made this complex (joking!) purchase through an overseas friend of a friend who made the order online on the US website then (ahem) shipped it to my friend who passed it on to me a whole year ago, yeah, complex... Here's part one of the GIGANTIC purchase and long overdue review!

What I bought, and what is it?

Let's start with the good stuff.
I bought the Shimmer Eyeliner pencils in EVERY COLOUR =P costing $1USD each on the US based website. This included the following colours (all have an underlying slight silver shimmer):
  •  Iconic Ivory - White shimmer/sparkle
  • Precious Pink - Light neutral Pink shimmer with slight silver shimmer
  • Blissful Blush - Medium Taupe brown shimmer/metallic
  • Boldly Bronze - Bronze brown metallic with slight silver shimmer (more brown than the website's orange tone)
  • Grassy Green - Slightly blue mid green metallic with slight silver shimmer (more blue than website's swatch)
  • Twinkle Teal - Teal metallic with slight silver shimmer (not really green duochrome on website)
  • Plum Passion - Grape plum shimmer with slight silver shimmer
  • Gunmetal - Grey shimmer/metallic with slight silver shimmer
  • Black Bandit - Black base with slight silver shimmer
 They are standard pencil eyeliners including a sharpening lid.
Left to right as listed above.
Here's the online description:
"Instantly brighten eyes with e.l.f. Cosmetics shimmering metallic liners that put the spotlight on eyes. The smooth formulation glides on effortlessly without tugging at the delicate eye area. Choose from an assortment of 9 vibrant shades designed to add depth, definition and a special sparkle to create a very glamorous look! Pencil includes a convenient sharpener cap for easy use!"
The Results?

These eyeliners are so soft, blendable and smooth to apply. They don't crumble when blunted but crumble when sharpened to a point. Lining your eyes are extremely easy with these as they are soft enough to transfer to the lid. Blend them out and you have a metallic and shimmer eyeshadow where the silver shimmer comes out more.

Taken with flash and blended down
Top: Iconic Ivory, Precious Pink, Blissful Blush, Boldly Bronze, Grassy Green
Bottom: Twinkle Teal, Plum Passion, Gunmetal, Black Bandit

When you use them as an eyeliner they last all day; I've never had a problem with transfer when doing a thin line at the lash line. As an eyeshadow it doesn't have the same staying power and can crease especially on oily lids, which is understandable.

Taken without flash and blended down.
Top: Iconic Ivory, Precious Pink, Blissful Blush, Boldly Bronze, Grassy Green
Bottom: Twinkle Teal, Plum Passion, Gunmetal, Black Bandit

The colours are slightly over saturated on the website but they contain a punch of shimmer! They are highly pigmented and the range of colours are adequate containing a few neutrals, a few brights and a few darker colours. They are handily packaged to resemble the pencil colour, even with a shimmery finish making it easy to recognise and the sharpening lid is a surprising bonus for something that costs $1.

There are few downsides but if it had to be said there are no added 'extras' in the eyeliner. It's not claimed to be smudgeproof, waterproof, etc. In that respect it doesn't claim to do anything other than what is said which is great. The lighter shades do help brighten the eye.

In these ELF reviews I can't comment on the outer packaging simply because there wasn't any! I don't think that was the case in the first place; it seems that the person who sent this over took away most of the packaging to reduce shipping costs as I've seen other people receiving their items in their packaging...

Would I Buy this Again?

OH YES, finally one I can absolutely shout about! It's has most of the important things needed in an eyeliner and it's quite a unique and flamboyant example of interesting eyeliners at an extremely affordable price.

What's your experience of ELF? Has anyone ordered from the new Aussie website?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Yes, I'm pretty stunned they are all so pretty for just $1!


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