Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review / NOTD: Hello Kitty Violet Salome Multichrome? & Priceline Range

Hello Kitty is a much loved brand but it suffers from a certain ambiguity. I went to investigate Priceline's range! Here's a NOTD and mini review.

I bought one nail polish called Violet Salome which by the bottle looked like a multichrome costing $10. It's a grape nail polish with the particles sometimes reflecting pink glittery particles but isn't glitter, instead being a great alternative for glitter. It fully covers in 3 coats but you can get away with 2. Unfortunately once it starts chipping it chips fast especially which just 2 coats.

It isn't a multichrome. It can tend to reflect the colour of your surroundings but that doesn't really add any effect. You can see here the bottle looks very much like a multichrome but on the nails it's more a darkness on the sides of the nails instead of being a different colour. Despite this it's a stunning nail polish to add to your collection.

I did have a look at the other products which ranged from face powders to eyeshadows as well as the nail polishes. The eyeshadows were highly pigmented, beautifully bold colours, a little predictable. The other nail polishes were surprisingly bland and generic compared to Violet Salome.


What I dislike about Hello Kitty and similar brands is that the product ranges are usually licenced ones. There are many Hello Kitty brands out there, the most famous being MAC's collection and there are a lot in Asia (among its fakes), making it difficult to figure out or predict what kind of quality to expect from the particular brand you are looking for. As this range was from Priceline there is about no information out there (though I was pointed this way from Jerry @ SilhouetteScreams). The most I could gather was it came under a company called Heritage Brands (seeming like a wholesaler or something along those lines) including brands like Australis, Innoxa, Revlon Nails, Nailene and more. I'm not sure how long they will be in Priceline but I have a feeling it won't last long...

Would I buy this again? Probably would! It's a unique finish, eyecatching and almost worth it. The downside is that in the bottle the colour is misleading and the quality wasn't as expected for the money's worth.

What do you think of licensed brands? Does it have the same heart as other brands when considering the control of the products often comes under a separate entity?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Yeah I don't really understand how the whole Hello Kitty thing works, and I think some other store or cosmetic brand in the UK (maybe Boots? I could be wrong) has a line coming out too which is totally different.

    I was really 'meh' about the lipsticks and face powders, but I really liked the eyeshadows from this range. Have even bought some as gifts for friends. :)

  2. A lot of brands do licensing so the brand itself is just a name. I think the true Sanrio items do include a range they created themselves but they often contract other companies to create their own ranges. This probably means that these companies have to pay a commission in order to use the brand "Hello Kitty". These products probably have to be approved by Sanrio but in the end there isn't a close affiliation to the mother brand. I can't call it heartless but it sure feels that way!


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