Monday, January 9, 2012

Review on the Run: BYS Scented Nail Polish...

I thought it be time to get some things out there and straight. I've never been a huge fan of BYS. Actually I dislike a lot of their stuff which has been hit and miss, mostly miss. Take in mind I've been buying from this brand for several years now so I've come to know its past and its present. Most of you know BYS as the famous Crackle nail polish brand. I haven't tried it yet...though I do plan to in the future.

It seems that BYS is improving. Well I personally can't say for sure that it has been improving overall. Yes, they have brought exciting and innovative products for an absolutely affordable price especially considering Aussie standards (we Aussie know too well that our cost of living is ridiculous and product prices highly inflated to international counterparts) but among the treasure trove of successes are some predictable and true failures.
So what can I say about BYS Scented nail polish? 

Scented nail polishes in (I think) Navy Blue/Blueberry, Peacock/Tropical (excuse the horrible photo)

I tested these new BYS nail polishes with a quick coat at a store to see if they worked. I smelt the bottle and couldn't smell anything apart from the usual chemical scent. Then I applied it. Unfortunately the same old applies. It was thin to apply and when it dried I couldn't smell anything, not even the slightest! I tried scratching it a bit like you do with some stickers (the wear in the photo actually was naturally done) and nothing. So it was a complete fail, in fact a rather misleading claim of being a scented nail polish...

To be honest this is disappointing considering that other nail products have been hits. But on the other hand I'm relieved that this didn't work as I don't recommend snuffing chemical scents or any nail polish residue especially to the natural appeal to children. What's your view on BYS? Would you buy a new product by BYS if you couldn't try them first?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I haven't tried them so I can't say for sure, but I'd wager that the scent would disappear over time with a tester being constantly opened by members of the public. I remember Karla Sugar doing a post on how you can de-scent horrible smelling lipsticks by leaving the cap off for a little while, so I imagine it's a similar effect for the nail polish (if they're not total duds).

  2. Could be, but they were fairly new. If an almost full bottle is loosing its smell then that's a bad sign but I hope not. Thanks for telling me. I'll check that out.


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