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Review: Garnier BB Cream / All in One Moisturiser in Light

BB creams have been EVERYWHERE but funnily enough it's popularity has just started to wane. In spite of that Garnier has chosen to release their version of a BB cream and are among very few Western companies that offer BB creams especially in Australia. My love for BB creams are very fond so I decided to give this interesting specimen a try!

What is it (actually WHAT IS IT????)?

This product is quite complexly presented and had me confused! I first heard about this product from another Aussie blog right at the release of this product (about a couple months ago) and it was labelled a BB cream which is what caught my eye. Meanwhile Garnier did some TV ads touting Australia's first BB cream, etc, etc. drawing me closer to buying it even though my mind was already made! I went out and bought it at Coles for about $15. What was interesting to note is that they call it a 'Miracle Skin Perfector'. Miracle Skin Perfector? Below it says 'Daily All-in-one Moisturiser'...!? That's fine and all but looking at the box I could find no mention of it being a BB cream!

Here are a few points of what was said on the box: 

  • 'Miracle Skin Perfector' on the front 'Youthful Miracle Skin Perfector' on the back
  • 'Daily All-in-one Moisturiser'
  • 'BB cream Innovation' on front and 'Inspired by BB creams' on back
  • Hybrid formula combines longlasting hydrating care with a light touch of makeup
  • Vitamin C
  • Lightweight, comfortable, UV filters (SPF 15)
  • Evens complexion, reduces sunspots & imperfections
  • Comes in Light and Medium
  • And huge list of proven effectiveness
  • Non comedogenic
  • Made in FRANCE

Here are points on what's on the tube!
  • 'Miracle Skin Perfector'
  • 'Daily All-in-one BB cream'
  • Made in GERMANY

So we already have a few problems pointed out at this point. First the tube says it is a BB cream and the box says it's inspired and doesn't claim to be a BB cream. Well I personally couldn't care less but to put my 2 cents in I would find it smarter if it said that it was a BB cream and explained what a BB cream was i.e. 'Miracle Skin Perfector' and 'Daily All-in-one Moisturiser' if they wanted to use their words. I totally understand that consumers here probably would feel confused with just saying BB cream, but to miss the point altogether and have mismatched packaging is pretty lazy.

Secondly what's this about FRANCE and GERMANY? Does that mean that the box was made in France and the tube and contents made in Germany? There is no answer for that unfortunately so you be the judge.

The proven effectiveness is a bit amiss for me. I wonder how many questions and how many ways they asked the subjects these questions and whether they chose which results to show off. I'm speculating of course but these are not indications that it does the job well, rather that it does give AN effect.


I haven't used this much as it has been summer and this is clearly for dry skin. It's too oily for me as throughout the day an oil slick starts to develop around my T-zone. But for mature or dry skin I think this is the ticket. It's a good tinted moisturiser which keeps throughout the day but without being overly oily. It absorbs when applied and won't mask up unless you are oil prone.

Thick blob but when spread out it's very sheer and oily.

If coverage is what you are looking for this isn't suitable at all. This 'BB cream' lacks any foundation qualities as it's thin and can oddly buildup 'clumps' of pigment over time. I wouldn't call this a BB cream (an under par one if you consider it one), more of a traditional tinted moisturiser containing handy SPF. It does smooth your complexion but it's not going to even out everything. As it comes in two shades this might not suit dark skinned people or the very fair.

What's interesting is that Garnier sells similar products overseas. In Asia they sell a similar product and it's clearly labelled a BB cream which shows awareness of the market. What I like about Garnier is that they are easy to purchase in Australia, available at supermarkets and chemists.

To rub salt in my wounds I finally got sent 2 samples of this very BB cream after I bought it a couple months ago!

Would I buy this again?

Not as a 'BB cream'. It's not as I was hoping for and it's somewhat misrepresented. As a tinted moisturiser this is a decent example but as a BB cream/foundation it doesn't fit the category. This is suitable for people with dry skin who need a little extra help with their skin.

What do you think about this? Should a big company have so many mistakes for a late arriving product?

Love Porcelaine.

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