Saturday, March 24, 2012

EOTD: Tropiceye! with MUFE and Garden Of Shadows

A while ago I bought my first MUFE product!
In Australia it's pretty much non existent and hard to find.
I bought an eyeshadow which I actually eyed off for a few years in a discount makeup store but was never willing to buy it for the "heavy" (i.e. my tight ass!) price. 
Actually what I really want is their Aqualiners.

But enough fussing around, here's the first look I did with MUFE and Garden Of Shadows Cos.

What I used:
TFSI as base.
MUFE #91 eyeshadow on lid.
Garden Of Shadows' Eureka! on crease.
Napoleon Perdis Loose Eyeshadow #3 above lid blending into Eureka!
Magic Glitter liner lining upper lash line.

What I found out about using MUFE eyeshadows are that they are very fine but didn't seem to stick well to my lid even with primer. Not sure why that is. It feels very pigmented but it didn't seem to work that well.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. if i may...
    there are these things, can't think of the name, but it's a spritz you pspray on AFTER all your makeup. [or water, spritz it on. or hairspray - i've know MUA's to use hairspray, for modeling and plays, under hot lights - Australia gets that hot, according to you and my other Aussie friends :) ] ELF has one, when/if you make that ELF order. and the ELF one is pretty good, though i prefer MUFE's the price difference means the slightly higher quality may not be worth it.
    but a spritz and makeup that doesn't stay before the spritz stays after it
    [i know, i know - i'm semi-random,ly going through all the blogs i missed while sick, and it's REALLY random... sorry :( i'm trying!]

    anyway - straight water DOES work. and it helps SO MUCH!

  2. I was contemplating on getting Ben Nye's Final Seal setting spray. It seems to get good reviews and I'm sure it's not too expensive. I'll have a go at ELF's one too. Do you know if they sell Ben Nye where you live? Probably the next time I could buy that brand is at the next IMATS next year. I recently bought some MUFE stuff and I have to say I'm impressed with their Aqua Creams. They are absolutely wonderful!

    Don't worry, I love comments and I'm happy to see you back! I don't think the blogging world is quite the same as it used to be though!

  3. the ELF one is quite good. as for BN... to be honest, i don't KNOW. it's not sold in any of the places i go [i.e. Sephora, drugstore, etc] i've gotten mailers for them a couple times, but it was all theatrical stuff, and i haven't been involved in theater in years, so i didn't really pay attention. i'm sorry :(

  4. I found out some sellers in Australia that are fairly affordable (~$12) so I might buy it later on.


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