Saturday, March 17, 2012

NOTD: Express Gradient Nails! Ulta3 Precious Nail Polish

This would be one of the most exciting discoveries that I've found by accident leading to a very easy set of gradient nails! When I initially wrote this post I was still enchanted by this nail polish and you can see the original post below the gradient nails info!

This all started when I was ready to take off my nail polish. When I used acetone on wipes I rubbed my nails to reveal that much of the gold came off leaving a speckled metallic silver behind! This gave me a brilliant idea!

I redid my nails with the same polish, 2 coats. I then used a cotton tip soaked in acetone and gently rubbed on the tips of my nails, more so on the edge and less in the middle of my nails. This gave a really nice gold to silver look! I applied a top coat (Maybelline Express Dry clear top coat) to protect the finish and smooth out the nail polish texture.

Don't rub too hard of course because you don't want bare patches!

- Original post -
If you're ever the one to buy things just because it looks stunning in the bottle then I know just the nail polish for you! I had one of those supermarket runs just before taking off overseas and passed by the local chemist. In the famous $2.50 allotment of nail polish I spotted a nail polish called Precious.

It is precious! It's filled half with metallic gold and half with silver and it's something unlike any nail polish I've seen. The duality on the walls of the bottle is breathtakingly mystic as it swirls and groups in silver or gold clouds.

Now, that's not exactly how it plays out on your nails. It's definitely more dispersed. Depending on the light when it's bright the silver shines more and when it's dim the gold takes over. It's still a stunning nail polish despite it's deceptive bottle!

If you see this definitely pick one up (it's $2.50 after all!!!).

Have you ever found interesting cheap finds? What's your view on budget makeup?

Love Porcelaine.

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