Sunday, April 1, 2012

Holiday Luggage! What I Used and What I Neglected!

I don't go on holidays often. As much as I like to there is always a reason not to go! This year was different, I had a brilliant chance to go overseas for almost a month! But the thing I was asking myself was 'What am I going to bring?'. 

Well then...Here's what I did bring!

 (Comment below if you want to know what a particular item is)

I really wanted to keep my luggage down. The first thing I did was make 2 pressed eyeshadow palettes to combat the problem! I made sure that they were of different colours on the spectrum. So a green here (or 2 in fact), a blue there, a gold, a brown, a purple, a yellow...Actually this basically amounted to 4 out of the 5 Heart of Gold eyeshadows creating a metallic palette and a tropical palette for my bright eyed needs. To add to that I brought with me Revlon's cream eyeshadow palette which was a huge letdown as they didn't apply pigmented at all!

Above: What I used

I found what I didn't use particularly interesting! I was looking forward to dramatic lips and brought a range of lip colours to prepare. But out of the several coloured lip products how many did I use?
Above: What I didn't use

ONE, yep, just one!
Why? Mainly because every time I did go out I was going out to eat. I personally think it's too much of a hassle to touch up after every meal and the 'lip liner' look (i.e. when all your lip stick comes off in the center leaving a ring of lip stick) isn't a particularly pretty look.
Instead my go-to was Lancome's Color Fever lip gloss in Aaron's Red.
This lipgloss was pretty low maintenance and wore down to a stain like finish. 
It lasted throughout the day when I wasn't eating and provided the colour impact I was looking for!

Generally I was pretty dismal in getting any makeup on!
There never seemed like a good reason to as every day was pretty average and I was disappointed in a way.

What would I change? I probably should have brought more reliable products that I new damn straight would work! Perhaps I should have invested in products that applied semi permanently like a ColorStay lipstick...

What is your experience of bring makeup on your travels? Do you find that you have more or less time to do your makeup when on holidays? What are your tips for looking effortlessly fabulous?

Love Porcelaine.

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