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Review: Napoleon Perdis Part 1, Colour Discs, Loose Dust, Ultra Pearls

If you've been reading throughout my blog you may have noticed that I've mentioned Napoleon Perdis' products numerous times. You could consider NP as my personal entrance to the high end makeup up world. At the time I started using NP products they consisted solely of their own line (before collaborating with Target) where you could mainly buy them at their store, their stand alones or at David Jones. It finally came to me that maybe ? I should review their products considering I've bought a fair few of them in the past!

What They Sell
NP has pretty much anything you associate make up with. Includes primers, brushes, makeup cleaners, creams and all types of makeup.

What I Bought
I've bought quite a few products consistently over the years though I haven't bought any in the past few years.

Colour Discs at $22
  • #29 Black (matte)
  • #14 Purple (Matte dark eggplant)
  • #59 Terracotta (semi matte coral)
  • #92 Fuchsia (matte)
Loose Dust at $20
  • #3 Turquoise (highly shimmery with slightly golden sheen)
  • #39 Techno Glitter (holographic glitter slightly chunky)
  • #21 White Sparkle (White shimmer)
Ultra Pearls at $18
  • #23 Champagne Gold (gold fine shimmer on white)
  • #56 Blue Velvet (velvet finish dark blue)
 Other products to be reviewed later:
  • Lash Patrol, Brushes, China Doll Eyeliner, 2 x Khol Eyeliner, Marshmallow Foam, Chandelier Shine Nail Polish, Divine Marchesa, Pro Palette, Voila Oil Control Paper
The Product and Results

It's kind of complicated since it seems that NP doesn't sell anymore of the colours I bought. They probably redid all the collections, so I can't speak for the new products. These products are nonetheless as good then as most high end brands in Australia.

 Black, Purple, Terracotta, Fuchsia

The Colour Discs are bold, pigmented colours and easy to work with! The texture is fine and easy to pick up onto a brush. The Black shade is one of the exceptions being harder to blend; that's common with black colours and mattes anywhere you look but at $22 (not to mention inflation =P!) you'd expect consistent quality. Unfortunately the finishes were mostly matte and weren't texturally interesting or complicated. Each disc contained 2.8g of product in about a 4cm pan.

On the other hand the Loose Dust (4.5 g) brings in the shimmer lacking in the Colour Discs! With Turquoise and White Sparkle the texture is really fine but you can feel it between your fingers. It's very pigmented, shimmery and adhered well but loose products were fairly unpopular and uncommon at the time. Some of these colours could be complex and multidimensional, a winner in my books!

Turquoise, Techno Glitter, White Sparkle

Techno Glitter was one of 2 glitters and probably out of the whole brand. Again glitter wasn't all that popular which is still hard to find in high end makeup. This one is an undertone of light blue/lilac likely because the particles are iridescent on clear plastic, but shimmers multicoloured. It's similar to holographic glitter. The particles are a little larger than most marketed eye safe glitter so I'm reserved on these. It's still really beautiful so if you're game I'd pick this up.

The last 2 eyeshadows were the Ultra Pearls. These had a *duh* pearlish finish, semi matte, slightly shimmery, smooth and pigmented.

Champagne, Blue Velvet

Despite being an Australian brand all of these products are made in USA alongside the story of NP starting his own makeup line by himself in Paddington. The packaging was quite standard (matching my own Manic Panic eyeshadow) but the boxes were sometimes beautiful inside and out, a lot of them with windows to show each shade colour, and philosophies printed on the back. The ingredients were missing EVERY time.

One other side note (which may no longer be relevant) is that the colours on the website were almost always off and it was difficult to tell what kind of colour or finish they were. They were basically colour filled circles and not actual pictures of the product.

Today most of the product lines are still there but the products in them are different. The prices have gone up but the packaging is way better and NP has expanded their lines bringing new products (like the foundation in a spray can!).

Would I buy these products again?
I dare to say yes. There is no doubt these products are great quality. Some colours can be a little dull for the price but you get a lot of product, they are pigmented and perform like a boss =P! If I wanted something in particular I would trust NP to give me quality, so on that basis YES!

Have you tried NP? Would you rather get famous brands like MAC or support home grown brands?

Love Porcelaine.

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