Saturday, June 23, 2012

NOTD: Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish in Magnetic Dark Silver

It's been slow lately but here is the second addition to the Barry M Magnetic nail polish line.
"Magnetic Dark Silver" is a nice black base with silver metallic shimmer and comes in a diamond wave magnetic lid pattern. By itself it's a simple black.

Compared to Magnetic Burgundy this one was a slight disappointment. The colour itself didn't work as well probably because it was just too dark and harder to see the effect. The wavy magnet was not a good pattern compared to the striking boldness of Magnetic Burgundy's stripes.

The most curious thing would have to be when I applied the magnet on top of the nail polish. You couldn't get as close to the nail polish on the Dark Silver than the Burgundy because the Dark Silver would attract to the magnet like it was reaching out of an abyss!!! 
It made it difficult to get a strong effect and it was harder to deal with on the curve of my nail.

So would I recommend Barry M's Magnetic nail polishes? Colours are really a matter of taste, the consistency and effect is good in both of them, but if you are looking for the best effect get a medium toned colour, not too dark, like Burgundy and Blue and choose simple striking patterns and your nails will stand out better!

Love Porcelaine.

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