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IMATS (International Make-up Artists Trade Show) Sydney 2012 Pre-Event Overview & Blog Update

I've just decided to go to IMATS Sydney 2012!
Here's a general overview which is like a pre-event review (below there's also an update on the blog).

When? Saturday 29th September from 8.30am to 5pm
Sunday 30th September from 10 am to 5 pm
Where? Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre basically smack bang in the middle of Darling Harbour, right next to Chinatown.
How can I get there? If you are coming from the suburbs the easiest way is to take a Train/Bus to Town Hall and walk west to Darling Drive! You can also take the mono rail or light rail depending where you are in the city/inner west and it will bring to straight to the Centre.
How much does it cost? Prices vary according to when you buy it. I really recommend buying right now (by 20th August 5pm, yes, that's tomorrow!) as it will cost $30AUD for an adult ticket. Otherwise if you are unsure what day you want to go there are tickets for $40 when buying online until the 27th September and $45 at the door (unless tickets sell out). You can also buy a 2 day ticket costing $50 until 20/Aug or $65 after. Personally unless you are wanting to go to a specific presentation or class it's probably not worth the 2 day ticket, and it can't be shared (ID needs to be presented).
Who can go? Anyone! However if you are a Makeup artist member with their Gold Pro card you get free entry. To be a member you have to have a résumé or CV so it's not really for the general public.
What companies will be there? The list contains several big brand names like MAC, Illamasqua, Inglot, Kryolan and NYX but there is a lot of local brands and shops in general. At the moment it seems like the list is not finalised.

Tips? Have 15 friends? Planning to meet up with other bloggers? Consider making a group booking for 15 people and getting a 10% discount. It's not much (between $3-4 discount each adult) but if you have a heck of a lot of dedicated people this is a great 'small print' offer.

Ordering online:
The system is a typical print at home system.
When getting to the IMATS site you hover over attendees and press buy tickets.
This takes you to another site 'Make-up Artist Magazine' where you select the type and day/s - I find this a little finicky and IMATS could easily have created the system on their own website.
To buy tickets requires creating an account.
Payment is made by credit card and after purchasing you download the print at home ticket.
When you get to the event they give you a wristband.

One of the odd things I found was that although it is labelled as $30AUD they give an equivalent USD price which is also the price on the ticket label. I found this confusing and unnecessary.
Also at this early stage not all stalls have been accounted: there are some empty stalls in the floor plan and the companies could change at any time. 
I personally want to see Make Up Forever and though it might be sold by another store it isn't part of the list and lists may differ between locations.

It is really worth it?
The verdict is still out at this stage as I have yet to go to the event however if you do decide to buy later $40/$45 is a steep amount especially for a normal public customer and depending on how much you buy and what discounts the stores a giving you might not get bang for your buck.
Pros might be: 
Bulk buying at discounts may be worth the entry fee.
You get to try before you buy.
Access to many brands not readily available in Australia.
Great range all in one place.
It's fun, educational and entertaining: if you are interested to attend the talks, seeing the makeup being done or attend the classes it might not just be a shopping tour!
Finding out able new products, techniques.
Cons might be:
Maybe you won't buy your money's worth. You would have to buy a large amount before accruing any real discounts relative to the entry fee.
If you've been to IMATS in the past it might be the same things being sold.
Possibility of large crowds.
If you buy your tickets early you have no way of knowing exactly what brands WILL be there.
You have to be in Sydney or the other locations to be able to go to these events.
You can't cancel your ticket and it's probably not transferable either.
I don't really have an interest in the talks and related entertainment so for me I'm out for a bargain IF I can get one!

So that's the wrap up PRE-EVENT. It will be interesting to see what will come out of this. 
Since this event has been fairly regular these few years it's not likely to be all that new and exciting but it will be my first time! And I'm probably prepared to spend to make it worth while - NYX, MAC, LA Splash, Ardell, Inglot, Kryolan, Mehron and Illamasqua are in my sights!

 Blog & Store Update:
I mentioned last month or so that I wasn't feeling like blogging lately. My life has been filled with so many things lately that I've been very tired and just didn't have the spare time or energy to get the blogging happening. I thought a clean out was in order so I posted a Blog Sale.
The same went for the store which I temporarily closed (I definitely didn't want to be accepting orders when I couldn't). I'm still pretty busy but after talking to a friend it's got me back some drive on creating more products. 
Starling - my eyeshadow in the works (A swatch was posted in May) - is going to be my first endeavour for the store. Next will be a possible pressed form and recreation of Kari which is a favourite among customers.
I have no certain timeline for this, simply the order of events though late September is my prediction which will be the same time as IMATS.
I will continue to be posting-as-I-feel-like-it! I'll try and get reviews out soon (this pre-review will have to do in the meantime!).

UPDATE: IMATS Sydney 2012 - The Event Review is now available to read!

Love Porcelaine.

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