Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Acquisitions in Australian Stores!

Recently I noticed that stores around here are racking up multiple new and exciting products. Trying to get some famous products in Australia has been a miss for a long time but local retailers are eager to fill in the gap. 

Here, a short list of new lines and brands that I've been taken fond of!
1. Magnetix Nail by Pretty Woman polishes - After my surprise encounter with Barry M's magnetic nail polishes (or more like a measly 2 out of now 8 in their range) I came across the famous Magnetix nail polish range in Priceline! Not without a hefty price tag, they are still around $15 each! Each shade comes with it's own magnet with a pretty pattern!

2. Violent Lips - They became a hit more so in 2011 but around early this year Priceline brought in Violent Lips which seemed like the most rebellious product at the time! If you haven't heard they are like a lip tattoo with preprinted designs, some very graphic and you might need a lot of confidence to wear them!

3. Foil nail strips/wraps - Another previously hard to find nail product are those preprinted nail foils that you rub on with a wooden stick and last for nearly a week. 
1000 Hour's is $9.95/pack
Vixen's is $8.99/pack
 Sally Hansen's is $14.95 (but can be found in many shops these days)
They are still on the pricy side for a one use product but beats David Jones' price for Opi Apps at $19.95 T_T! Other chemists have also caught up!
3D Nail Wraps Maddison 1pk (Enlarged Image)
4. Hair dye/colour stripper - If you ever wanted to get rid of that fail hair dye you did to yourself you might have previously gone to the hair salon in a beanie to get it fixed! While dye strippers seem to be easy to find in USA, Australia now has a couple types to choose from readily available. Not only are they in Priceline but I believe in most supermarkets! Emergency solved!
Reverse Cream Colour 180ml (Enlarged Image)
5. Essence - It's one of my all time favourite brands because they have some of the best limited edition collections (and pretty much the highest turnover) and some smashingly good prices! While you might recently have gone to selected Target stores you can now go to selected Pricelines to get your fix!
Wild card: Sally Hansen - Once upon a time this brand was hard to find. While we don't seem to have the whole range of Sally Hansen products or that holographic nail polish I was lemming O_O it's now available in just about every department store and chemists.
Precision Blending Sponge 1ea (Enlarged Image)
Blast from the past: Manicare Precision Blending Sponge - When the Beauty Blender & Co came out I'm sure everyone was lusting for a peculiar egg shaped sponge. Luckily Australian brand Manicare came out with their own version for $7.99 around last year.

Have you found any new international finds lately?

Love Porcelaine.

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