Friday, August 24, 2012

NOTD: Sasa Tinnies

When I went overseas I recognised a shop that I had seen in Asian blogs. 
Sasa is a famous cosmetics store that sells mid range cosmetics focusing mostly on Asian brands. 
When I saw these 2 colours of tiny, cute, heart shaped nail polish I jumped on them! They seem unique among the ordinary colours it was surrounded by and costed a little more than $2 (15 Yuan) for both of them! 

Unfortunately that's where the positive remarks stopped.
I noticed when I applied on that they didn't dry to a crisp finish but rather plasticy!
The bottle colour didn't quite translate into the nail swatch. 
The wear was okay, the finish ordinary.
Sasa's own brand was very limited but they had 3 types of nail polish ranges which basically differed in size. I generally made a rule for myself: I wouldn't buy makeup unless I went to a reputable store. This became the only exception of the trip where I actually bought makeup!

They were a bargain in Australian terms but not very cheap in the home country.
I really found Sasa an odd shop. There were so many brands I didn't recognise but they did have Revlon, Olay, etc. and Maybelline I think. I searched for BB creams as well but didn't recognise any popular Asian BB creams that I was at least expecting from a popular Asian store! In fact I'd say 90% of the brands were sort of mid range knockoffs that were neither high end or super cheap.

So that left me a little bewildered. What was all the fuss about with this store?

Love Porcelaine.

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