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Review: Femme Fatale Cosmetics Eyeshadows & Swatches

In the last week in an attempt to gain a passion for blogging I decided to give an Aussie company a go! Femme Fatale Cosmetics owner Sophie is a lot like me: A former blogger, Australian and created a mineral makeup company after a little private DIYing. To me the most important thing was home grown talent. I watched this unfold for a year and now I've finally bought some samples to see what Femme Fatale had to offer!

What they sell: FFC sell a range of loose mineral eyeshadows, blushes and illuminators, and glitter and top coat nail polishes. They are self described as specialising in duochromes.

What I bought: 8 samples + 1 additional freebie. Each sample was $1.10AUD

Colour breakdown:
  • Flare - "An intense scarlet eye shadow with a hint of coral, highlight by a heavy green gold duochrome." My thoughts: pretty accurate, the red is matte but the highlight doesn't show up green at all.
  • Moonglow - "A pale columbia blue with a prominent golden duochrome and subtle pink shimmer." My thoughts: As described and is quite the complex being working well in all lights.
  • Wisp - "A soft slate grey eye shadow highlighted by a heavy blue duochrome." My thoughts: As described, looks sheer but it actually isn't!
  • Spirit Bond - "A deep midnight blue with strong purple undertones and a shimmery golden finish." My thoughts: More of a purple base, faint sulphur scent.
Mistress of Dreams Collection
  • Planeshift - "is a a blend of pale jungle green and teal with slight grey tones, and striking golden shimmer." (yeah I know, ignore the typo) My thoughts: pretty accurate description, the green is light and slightly minty with a frosty light gold shimmer. 
  • The Nightmare - "is an eggplant purple base with intense golden green glimmers and sparkles." My thoughts: More of a beautiful indigo base. Shimmer was slightly weird textured.
Lord of the Centuries Collection
  • Temporal Shift - "It is a black based shade with striking golden duochrome that almost looks green, like with  another golden duochrome shade – Spirit Bond – this shimmer really pops!" My thoughts: It looks like a classic old gold.
Worldbreaker Collection
  • Blood's Shadow - "is a black based shade full of gold, blue and pink sparkles."My thoughts: Matte black base with a small amount of sparkles that appears burgundy/purple on the whole.
Queen of Life
  • Ruby Wings (Free) - " It is a soft ruby pink with a smooth pink finish" My thoughts: It's a lot richer than it sounds, I wouldn't say soft, and it has a slight bluish sheen. If you were expecting a duochrome this is not one of them!
How they perform:

(Sunlight) Top: Ruby Wings, Flare, Moonglow, Wisp, 
Bottom: Planeshift, The Nightmare, Temporal Shift, Spirit Bond, Blood's Shadow

All eyeshadows were pigmented, unique and wore well but there are subtle quality variations between the shades I tried. My favourites would be Planeshift which was just a beautifully soft frosty colour and Moonglow which looked complex and great in any light! Flare, although a simple colour and not quite as described was beautiful nonetheless. Pale colours are what FFC seems to excel at.

(Flash) Top: Ruby Wings, Flare, Moonglow, Wisp, Planeshift, The Nightmare, Temporal Shift

The Nightmare although being the perfect indigo base was slightly disappointing as the website swatch was a little misleading in the amount of green shimmer which wasn't that strong and applied streaky like it wouldn't stick properly to the purple base. Considering matte blacks are usually problematic it was hardly a surprise to see that Blood's Shadow was slightly less blend-able, but the shimmer wasn't prominent enough even in the sun. I tried both of these eyeshadows without a base and they lacked the shimmer I was hoping.

 Spirit Bond and Dragon's Blood, Flash on left, Daylight on right.

Ordering: FFC requires an $8 minimum purchase which can be a road block. This may be due to the international shipping costs where some of the shipping is paid by FFC when costing more than $7 (the price for regular shipping worldwide). Samples ship completely free worldwide. After proceeding the shopping cart you can pay by Paypal and the order made. FFC lets you know when your order is shipped.

On receiving everything was packed in a tape sealed letter envelope with labels printed. Inside, an invoice (sealed with a thank you sticker), a business card, a hand written message, a little piece of packaging material to keep the samples safe, and in a zip lock bag, the samples plus an extra business card with a freebie stuck to it. The freebie I received was definitely not a colour I expected and didn't seem a wise choice considering the amount of blues/purples/greens I ordered.

Each sample was labelled with almost all the information you could think of! Although each sample is supposed to be 1/8 teaspoon they look at lot less than that!

Website: FFC's website has made an extraordinary change since it started and I absolutely love the bright white design which is minimalistic and pretty much has the hallmarks of the latest website trends (except for the distracting fast shifting slides). Just me being picky is that the new collections seemed to be posted rashly with grammatical issues in the text.

Verdict: FFC ticks all the boxes. The uniqueness of the colours are stunning! Apart from Australia Post's famously exorbitant shipping costs and the seemingly small samples I would definitely buy full sizes of my favourite samples.

Know any good Aussie Indies? Comment below!

Edit: While this is not directly related to me I thought it was worth mentioning a posts that FFC wrote in regards to seeing the duochrome/colour changing and other effects. FFC have tried to explain that their eyeshadows look best on a base. While I agree that this is the case what I don't agree with and what I believe is that if an eyeshadow can't reproduce these effects as is when this is described as such then that's not good enough. If you can make a product work as it is then it makes a good product a great product.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Hi Porcelaine! Thanks so much for your review :) I emailed you yesterday but you may not have received/seen it - just requesting you please remove my postal address from the review as it's my personal home address. Thanks so much :)

  2. Hi Sophie, Sure thing. I've removed the image. I didn't realise that was your home address!


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