Friday, September 21, 2012

NOTD: Fantasy Fire Nail Polish by Maxfactor

Last week I was fortunate enough to catch the elusive Fantasy Fire
Do you remember the Clarins 230 lookalike? 
Unfortunately for the American folk Maxfactor became discontinued but with luck Fantasy Fire is making the rounds in Australia.
I 'caught' mine in a Priceline near where I work and they had about 10 on display!
Not short at all of stock!
Fantasy Fire is a sparkly sheer multichrome.

Fantasy Fire on Black on 2 different angles (Napoleon Perdis Marchesa)
 It's a pretty fabulous colour in the smallest bottle (thumb size!)
On a jelly-ish purple base the sparkles shine a rusty red straight on, to a green tinge on refractive light.  
Left to Right: 1 coat of Fantasy Fire, 2 coats, 3 coats, Fantasy Fire on Essence's Where is the Party?
 It was extremely hard to capture, needed endless coats for opacity (I put 5 coats and gave up!) and just didn't show up the multichrome the way it was in the bottle.

Left 3 fingers: 5 coats of Fantasy Fire!; Right finger: Fantasy Fire on Essence's Where is the Party?
Left 3 fingers: 5 coats of Fantasy Fire!; Right finger: Fantasy Fire on Essence's Where is the Party?
5 Coats of Fantasy Fire at different angles in artificial light
 Layering multiple coats isn't actually advantageous.
After 2 coats on a base coat the particles look finer and not as sparkly.
For a small bottle it's smarter to make your base coat opaque and add 1 coat of Fantasy Fire to save time and precious polish!
When I tried it on Napoleon Perdis' Marchesa I started to warm up to it.
At first I wasn't impressed.
On black the base purple just dissolves under the black but the shimmer comes up more brilliantly.
It actually takes the sun to bring out it's beauty, so it's like a personal gimmick that others will find hard to notice.

Take 3: I put 2 multichromes together! On top of Essence's Where is the Party? you get a beautiful three dimensionality. Where is the Party? also has a green periphery and purple base exactly where Fantasy Fire shows up. 

Daylight, no Flash: Fantasy Fire on Essence's Where is the Party?
Together, although the two multichromes don't show up as well as on a black base, they are like two lovers made for each other!

$5.05 - that's what I paid after being on special! 
Fantasy Fire was something I had to warm up to. The more you take a glance in different lights the more you appreciate it's uniqueness.
While it doesn't quite match the hype and is not as transformative as it seems, it's worth adding to your collection!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Omg that's insane! I want it!!

  2. You should easily find it. Just look for a Maxfactor display. There is a lot of stock!


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