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2012: Best in Beauty, A Year In Retrospect

Over the last year while I haven't been as active in blogging I think this is the year I really reached out and was able to collect such a wealth of fabulous and innovative products from all over the globe, and Australia no doubt! But now that the year is done let's look at the Best in Beauty!

The Best Skincare Products

Clarisonic Mia - While I was late to jump the bandwagon it was worth the wait in a way for the price I paid for it. This is a holy grail item and when used daily it works better than any skincare items I've ever used. Now I no longer need to use harsh exfoliants that don't do the job and applying foundation is a breeze. At under $100 it will soon pay itself back.

Ego Azclear Medicated Lotion - Generally I don't believe there's an over the counter product that will beat acne but this cream is the next best thing. This is faster acting and is made by a pharmaceutical company that makes my favourite medicated skin creams like Dermaid.
Clearasil Acne+Marks Wash and Mask - I used to love the old formula that was in stock earlier this year and then loathed the new formula but when paired with my Mia the new formula matched because it foamed little, had acne fighting properties and gentle exfoliants.

The Best Foundation/Face Products

Make Up Forever HD Foundation - It's one of the best foundations I've tried and I did have to debate myself on putting it on the 'best of' list. It applies gorgeously, lasts well, gives a dewy finish, but with a caveat: It's one of the best quick medium coverage foundation for dry/normal skin.

ELF All Over Color Stick - ELF being what it is it's not easy to find fabulous products but this $1 item is what I use to contour my face (colours Spotlight and Toasted). When blended out it's not shimmery and matches dewy foundations.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - While I rarely use this anymore since the Clarisonic does it better this primer does wonders at smoothing out most of the face, especially dry patches. The green tinted version is also effective at reducing redness.

The Best Nail Products 

Ludurana Aurora Boreal Multichrome Nail Polishes - These are flat out the best multichromes that don't need heavy multidirectional light to show its true colours. Though the application and finish is much to be desired, the colours (3-5 can be seen at a time) are dramatic and chameleons!
Layla Hologram Nail Polishes - Much like the Ludurana nail polishes Layla has achieved a strong holographic finish that doesn't rely on the 'right' lighting. It shines everywhere and dries fast.

Layla Mirror Effect Nail Polishes - Layla does it again and puts the Mirror in Mirror Effect! I think these are the best, they're smooth and very reflective.
Australis Nail Polishes - Wow, finally an Australian brand with on trend and quality products. Australis brought to Australia a flakie called 'Speck-tacular' and a Happy Birthday (Deborah Lippmann) dupe called 'Fairy Bread'. The finish of Speck-tacular is really luxurious and wears well.

The Best Lip & Eye Products

Make Up Forever Aqua Cream - These are very long wearing, high impact and pigmented colours. You don't need to use a primer and aren't a pain to take off.

Lancome Color Fever Gloss in Aaron's Red - I've always loved Lancome and their lip products but this colour is especially exceptional. It acts both as a lip gloss and lip stain and gets richer the more you apply it over time. I've never come across such an unusual hybrid!

So that's the wrap for 2012 finally!
Even though I haven't yet reviewed many of these items they are still going to be posted this year.
Again there are many surprises and repeats from the Worst in Beauty.
Nail polishes seem to be the big winner here!

Now although I haven't gone into any of my products as a side note I'd like to think that this year I've achieved at making some very pretty eyeshadow colours and I am so ecstatic about both my colour changing eyeshadows Starling and Deus and I wonder how I can take this further in 2013!

Love Porcelaine.

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