Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012: Worst in Beauty, A Year In Retrospect

I'd like to think there isn't one thing that I regretted buying because in a way it would validate all that I have tried and spent on. But no, that's hardly the truth and when it comes especially to be one of the first to try new products you're bound to get duped with rubbish products!
Here are my picks for the worst products this year!

Wholesale7 - This tops the WORST OF THE WORST. Appalling customer service, frequent lying, bait and switch tactics, this company has the lot! I ranted but I still don't think it's enough.

Garnier BB Cream - Oh my, this was all kinds of WRONG! This was the first real western BB cream from a reputable 'drugstore' brand in Australia and I was hoping it would be decent as well. It's another one of a long line of 'slap on a BB cream label' on 'glorified tinted moisturisers'.  On top of that the labelling is so flawed like they rashly pushed this product into the market. If they had just called it a tinted moisturiser I would have been fine with that but that's not what I bought this for! There's so much more to say about this but I'll leave it to you to read the complete review.

Make Up Forever Stop Shining+ - Maybe it doesn't work for me, maybe it doesn't work at all. Does it matify? No. Keep my oilies at bay? No. Does it do anything else? No, hinders more than it helps.

ELF Tinted Moisturiser - I haven't done a review on this yet though it's easy to sum up here. It's the WORST tinted moisturiser/foundation/all in one product of all time. Nothing compares how this fails to perform in any way. It doesn't wear well, texture's all funny, size is tiny, feels disgusting. For $1 it still isn't worth a cent I paid (considering shipping even worse).

Sasa Tinnies Nail Polish - I honestly didn't expect much from this brand but it surpassed even that! It's expensive in its own country and quality is not up to par for a reputable Asian brand. There's not much more to say other than maybe I should have bought Ulta3s at similar prices?

ELF Liquid Eyeshadows - They dry up fast, doesn't have good staying power, small amount in the tube... I'm more annoyed about it drying up because I hardly used them. Not worth the uncertainty.

Lancome L.U.C.I. Eyeshadow Duos - It's an old product that I hoarded because it just looked too beautiful, clam shelled packaging. It was an impulse purchase and I failed to swatch the products carefully. What I ended up having after finally trying them this year was poorly pigmented colours and overrated 'technological finishes'.

So there we have it, the Worst in Beauty!
To be honest this list is shorter than I could have made it but I tried to be lenient.
Some brands are a big surprise. Lancome, MUFE and Garnier are brands I usually trust.
On the other hand ELF products seem to have their feet in two waters, the worst and the best.

Next up, the Best in Beauty. Thanks for reading and here's to hoping 2013 will be even better!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Great post! Too bad about the Sasa nail polishes! The packaging is so cute :(

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Sasa does have cute packaging!


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