Tuesday, January 29, 2013

NOTD: Ludurana Aurora Boreal in Show (Multichrome Nail Polish)

I've always had a soft spot for multichromes and these days I hardly hand over cash for anything less than special. Last year I made a new Brazilian friend called Ludurana! Ludurana gave me the BEST multichromes I've ever come across. I bought three, part of Ludurana's Aurora Boreal Collection called Fascinate, Reluz and in this post Show!

Show is mainly a forest green base changing to navy, burgundy, fuchsia, green & gold and coppery tones. It's absolutely a chameleon frequently showing three separate colours at once if not more in multi-directional lighting but it creates strong differing tonal effects in any light, weak or strong.

A rainbow of colours: Strong light at different angles.

Unlike a lot of multichromes out there (like previously reviewed OPI's Not Like The Movies or Essence's Choose Me) there is no base colour pigment and then an overlay of multichromatic pigment. Instead the whole nail polish is solely a dense amount of multichromatic pigment in a clear base, an expensive but quality formula for just $10.

A rainbow of colours: Weaker indirect light at different angles.
This might also contribute to its strange and hard to manage consistency. It takes 3 thin coats if you are a quick worker. The first coat is easy and thin but after that if you take too much time applying it starts thickening, dragging, ruining any chance of a smooth finish and takes a lifetime to dry. A fast dry top coat is a must. I used Seche Vite after Show became dry on the surface. Be warned while it may appear dry on top it's wet underneath and takes 45 mins even with Seche Vite.

After battling with Show and reapplying some of my nails several times already 1/6th has disappeared. 10 uses could see the bottom of the bottle!

It was truly enchanting to wear Show, I couldn't keep my eyes off my nails, even more than holographics. Next time I'm going to be ready when it comes to battling with these complex but painful nail polishes. A black base coat plus 1 coat Ludurana may lessen problems and I hope Reluz and Fascinate will be just as stunning.

How do you like gimmick nail polishes? Do you save up just to add these to your collection or do you spend it on cheaper traditional shades? I've now accumulated about 80 nail polishes but more and more the special effect nail polishes are pervading and taking over!

Love Porcelaine.

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