Monday, February 4, 2013

NOTD: Layla Hologram Emerald Divine (Holographic) Nail Polish 2012

There is nothing like a good holographic nail polish! The colourful sparkles never get old and Layla, while just new in the game has quickly become synonymous with being the BEST holographic nail polish brand around. That's not all that Layla does. In fact they are also said to be the best mirror effect polish brand too (I've bought 2 to find out) but in the meantime here is some eye candy and my thoughts on Emerald Divine, a green holo part of the new 2012 collection from Layla.

The only day I had great sunlight a few days into wear. Top in sun, Bottom in shade.

 Emerald Divine is kind of like a slightly pastel green unlike most jewel coloured holos around.
Layla's holos are also a little different in the way it reacts and applies.
When it comes to lighting up usually holos love the sun and don't do well inside.
Layla's is different. It's great when the sun is really strong but when it's overcast the holo is weaker than usual. Instead it really loves indoor lighting (that's a first!) and doesn't need strong lighting!
Underneath it's really a semi matte polish with dormant sparkly particles within, not shiny at all.

To my surprise when applied to the nail it doesn't appear holo at first, will slowly change into its holo appearance and then be totally dry. Not touch dry but fully hard. In a sense it's a dream to use!
What's also weird is that they are very easy to touch up. It doesn't reveal crack lines when covering up chipmarks and blends into the rest of the nail polish completely
I've never used a nail polish that was so forgiving!

Layla recommends using their own nail file ($3) to remove ridges and smooth the nail to enhance the holo effect. It's better if you do as I've found out (holo is slightly stronger, linear) however you don't need the Layla one in particular as it's the same as any other buff and shiner on the market.
The only downfall really is that the nail polish gets the worst tipwear (and probably won't do well with a topcoat like most holos). It doesn't chip but just a little typing and goodbye perfect nails!
 It's also a 3-4 coater.

Colour wise I don't think it's worth looking for the shade with the most holo effect (something I tend to do anyway). I think it's best if you choose the colour you would like regardless of the quality of shift. It's only now that I realise that pastels weren't my thing...
 At $15.50 it's not a bargain but I love special effect polishes and am not regretting it a single bit!

So are you a special effect nail polish fanatic? What are your favourite brands?

Love Porcelaine.

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