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Review: Kiehl's Lip Balm Set

I'm probably the last person to sport a lip balm. I've always liked to be dramatic and have a love affair with my pigmented lipglosses and lipsticks. After using Aromaleigh's lip balms I swore never to touch them again. Well here I am having to eat my words but with good reason! Read on! 

Some Background:

I received a set of 6 Kiehl's Lip Balms as a gift and while I contemplated selling them or giving them away recently my lips suffered from an (another) episode of spotty depigmentation. Could it be my lipglosses doing this? I dumped several of them and decided to detox, and there the Kiehl's Lip Balm was waiting to be used and I cracked one open. So behold, A lip balm review!

What is it?

Essential it's a gift set of their famous lip balms at "bargain" price. They were bought on a plane. Two lip balms are original (unscented) while the four others all have different scents. There are numerous claims on the packaging, rare for lip balms, which I'll get into later.

They are like any lip balm aside from inconvenient squeezy tube packaging. It's creamy, oily, light and tasteless. On hot days (35+ºC) they just melt into liquid, no good on most Australian days. The scent I tried, Cranberry, is convincing, isn't strong and after applying is hardly noticeable. They don't last long and after soaking in for 15 mins lips feel almost dry. According to them it protects lips but I doubt it after it dissipates so quickly. My lips don't feel better long term and lip glosses do a better job of staying put. They cost $12AUD each, a crazy price for an ordinary lipbalm.

What irks me wholeheartedly is it's ingredients list and 'drug facts'. 
 Ingredients wise here's my list for Cranberry: Petrolatum (petroleum jelly, protectant), Octinoxate (sunscreen), Squalane (refined moisturising ingredient), lanolin (sheep's oil/wax), wheat germ oil, Vitamin E, fragrance, allantoin (skin improver/protectant), propylparaben & butylparaben (controversial preservatives), limonene (citrus scent), amyl cinnamal (jasmine scent), linalool (spicy floral scent), aloe extract (aloe vera, soothing).
I find these ingredients quite basic and the use of parabens are surprising for such a seemingly health wary company, what with all the drug facts!

Drug facts, really? Does a normal lip balm have drug facts? Is it going to do wonderful crazy things with complex or patented chemicals? NO, it's ridiculous. The 'drugs' are sunscreen that give a measly SPF 4 (1%), not even worth mentioning, and the other is petrolatum, i.e. petroleum jelly better known by the brand Vaseline. They're not your traditional anti-aging, whitening, acne drug... not even close in the slightest. So many companies don't need to shout "I have sunscreen and Vaseline in my formula". I'm speechless really, and shocked! 

The good? The scents...well even that's limited and only worth it if there's a scent you love and can't get elsewhere. Five in all not including original are Coconut, Mango, Mint, Cranberry and Pear.
In all Kiehl's Lip Balms are nothing spectacular. 

Left: Liquidy melted lipbalm in 35ºC+. Right: Creamier consistency, slightly blended cooler lip balm.

When it boils down all I can think of is that this is the lip balm for high flyers who usually go straight to the Chanel counter and buy freely. It's the brand name that you are paying for, not the lip balm. While I can accept that there is some sort of brand history that perhaps requires credit and admiring, it doesn't warrant $12 a pop and makes me want to pick up some Vaseline (which is what it is brand aside), Chapsticks, Baby Lips or even Lip Smackers just to prove a point.

Would I buy this again?
I don't even know if it is necessary answering this question but lets just say I love Aromaleigh's Lip Balms 100x better than these. I used to use Vaseline all the time when I was young and it surpassed what Kielh's managed to do. It's a flat out NO.

Love Porcelaine.

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