Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NOTD: Covergirl Outlast Brilliant Nail Gloss/Polish, Go Topless! in 320 Midnight Magic

Being a shopaholic I've come to the stage where I'm buying more nail polishes than I can keep up with wearing them. Covergirl's Midnight Magic just happened to be my latest impulse purchase and it pushed aside several other Layla polishes that I bought just late last year. 
My nails have been in bad nick due to continuous application of nail polish so I let it rest, not helping with my lengthening nail polish waiting list but now I'm back on the drug that is nail polishes!

When I saw 320 Midnight Magic for the first time it was in Priceline in a box fronted with singer Pink flashing her beautiful nails. After asking what the price was I wasn't too keen to buy it or 290 Constant Caribbean which was a beautiful greeny turquoise.

Top: No Flash, Bottom: Flash

What caught my eye with Midnight Magic was the sparkly colours that clinged to the side of the bottle, just a magical mix! It's a sort of charcoal base with green, blue, gold and purple sparkles which creates an almost metallic shiny slate grey.

What also struck me was its claim of being a top coat in one. "Go Topless!" they say!
 Would it be magically longlasting and hard as rock?
Top: Bokeh Shot, Bottom: Focused

....No, as it turned out. After applying 2-3 coats I struggled to get my nail polish to dry and was susceptible to dents! I decided that I would use my Seche Vite top coat on my left hand to set my nail polish dry and luckily it did the job.

With my right hand however it continued to get dented. The bright sparkliness just helped to hide the imperfections. Unfortunately the wear was pretty bad on both hands so where was the top coat?
Unfortunately there are only numbers on the bottles and you have to look at their website for names.

For $6.95 it's not really that cheap and while the quality was not worth it, the colour is really glittery and helped me fall victim to an impulse buy!

Top: No Flash, Bottom: No Flash

What is your experience with the Go Topless range? What do you think of singer Pink being the face of Covergirl?

Love Porcelaine.

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