Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NOTD: Ludurana Aurora Boreal in Reluz, Multichrome Nail Polish

Continuing the roll of awesome multichrome nail polishes and nail of the days by Ludurana is Reluz! Reluz is the close sister of Show which in all its glory is also a must see too!

Why are they sisters? Well on first look it doesn't seem too close in appearance with Reluz being mostly blue on face but Reluz is actually a truncated version of Show!
The colour pattern is the same except that at the two edges of the colour periphery it's like those colours have been cut off! Reluz's colours go from the slightest tinge of dark green (it can't even be captured properly on my camera), then navy blue, purple, burgundy, coppery shades and if you squint hard enough in the right light you can see a bit of greeny gold. Show differs in that you get the added clear forest green to begin with and ending with a clear greeny gold.

But does that make Reluz a pointless shade in the face of the more comprehensive Show?
It depends! If you like blues more than greens that's every reason why you might favour Reluz, though personally I like Show better!
Another great thing is that these Ludurana nail polishes are Big 3 Free! (Seche Vite has toulene!)

In terms of application it's still very much the same as Reluz but I applied on a black base to cut down on using Relux and help combat the atrocious thickening. It worked! I found that after applying Seche Vite's fast drying top coat it dried faster and didn't have a wet base that failed to dry.
The only problem was that the depth of colour wasn't as clear on a black base!

Next up is Ludurana's Fascinate which is the Coppery cousin of Reluz and Show!

Over to you! If you had to pick from buying a Multichrome or a Holographic nail polish which would you choose?

Love Porcelaine.

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