Sunday, May 19, 2013

Random Self Conversing: My Blush Collection

Before I get into my upcoming review on Illamasqua's Cream Blusher in Brazen I thought I would show you my Blush collection. You see, I'm a hoarder of blushes (and orange lipsticks, black lipglosses and chartreuse eyeshadows!) but funnily enough it wasn't until this summer that I was a wearer of blush. I have collected blushes for years because I loved interesting and dramatic ones and I always wished that I could wear it too!

Let's start with some of the more special ones! 
One of my latest and favourite just because of how it looks is my Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush Refill in Peach Nuance which is just the fancy name for a peach gradient blush. It's also a multitasker since it serves both as highlighter and blush.

I also bought Clinique's Shimmering and Blushing Stripes Refill. They're like gradient blushes in that there are variations of shades but are still individual shades.

This is the Body Shop Daisy Blush/Highlighter. I've never used it and it was Limited Edition. I bought it specially with an eyeshadow duo too because they were about daisies and I love daisies. 

One of my earlier finds really reflects who I am and was at the time: dark, gothy and with a flair. This is Revlon's Golden Affair in Merlot at Midnight. Unfortunately much of the gold is overspray but it's dramatic and can be a duochrome or a highlighter & blush duo. I didn't use it much then since I didn't know how to apply blush to suit my face.

Although most blushes here are big brand names I also have indie blushes that shouts who I am. Aromaleigh Rocks! Blush in sundaygirl is the bright pop of sunshine at the height of my orange obsession that I wanted to wear but didn't have the technique down. I also have Rococco, an easy shade to pull off.

The first few blushes I had success with were ELF's Radience Blusher is Shy and my own concoction, Garden Of Shadows Blush in Lotus which I talked in detail in my Monthly Adoration post! ELF's All Over Cover Stick is also a great cheap addition with my favourite being Pink Lemonade (to be reviewed very soon!).

Still waiting to be opened are all 3 Revlon Photoready Cream Blushes Flushed, Coral Reef and Pinched. Why haven't I used them yet? Because they are cream, they have a limited shelf life when opened so they're in the queue after Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Brazen that's about to be reviewed!

So that's just about all my blushes! Over to you now: Do you have a hoard of things that you never use? Is there something you just can't resist buying?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I really like that purple Clinique stripey blush and that dark Revlon one!

  2. I admit the Revlon Merlot at Midnight is still my favourite even though it's so hard to pull off!


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