Monday, May 6, 2013

Update: What's Coming Up!

I haven't really written an update post lately and I think it's important now because I don't want to be just the person who churns out reviews to unknowing readers!

Like my blog's new clean look? And my header?
  • I'm looking forward to posting more regularly. For a while blogging had to take the back seat but now I'm trying to take as much time as possible to prepare my posts in advance! What's next? These posts are ready: my Blush Collection, a Review of Illamasqua Brazen, ELF All Over Color Stick, Ludurana's Reluz and Fascinate.
Here's a quick list of recent posts I've made:
  • There's More to Korean Cosmetics...A Guide - A favourite among readers and a must see! It breaks down most of what you think you know about Korean cosmetics and helps you understand some technical terms and brands available!
  • If you haven't yet heard Google Reader is shutting down in July. Most of you use Blogger's Google Reader to track your favourite bloggers. I am not completely sure that this section will disappear but I would prepare for the worst and find a replacement. I've already posted on a How To Guide so please check it out if you haven't already!
  •  On that topic I would very much like to put the community back in this blog! If you have a blog let me know in the comments and I will follow you back!
  • I have a blog sale running but there is a HUGE list of FREE items there! I don't want these items to go to waste. If they don't get taken up I will dispose of them!
  • My Store: I've not had time to formulate new shades. I will most likely get to it in June but my prime focus is bringing quality rather than quantity. I love that my colour changing eyeshadows are unique so I hope to continue to create a line of them.
  • I'm also considering changing the blush size which I think are too big. Downsizing will make them affordable so they will be cheaper!
  • Postage is on the way up. Australia Post has for the second time this year put up the prices and shipping times which has been disappointing. I'll try my best to lower the costs where possible!
Love Porcelaine.

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