Monday, June 3, 2013

May Adoration

I used to be the type of person that jumped at any opportunity to get a free sample
Some samples out there are really generous, and also some people are very generous! 
But being fortunate as I am to have received them I have amassed quite a selection of samples over some years. I found it extremely hard to get rid of them and switched between finishing my own full sized products but also samples.

Above: Narciso Rodriguez for her, Jessica Simpson Fancy Love, Marc Jacobs Lola, FlowerbyKenzo, Gucci by Gucci, Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean.

These few months I've been very keen to finish all my perfume samples. The origin of most of these samples came from a very generous lady. A promotion of free Lancome samples turned up in my email inbox. I love Lancome samples because they're so generous, the quality is nice and you often get to pick the right one that fits as you age. This particular time they ran out in Myer! It's not uncommon but the service lady apologised for not having any, then proceeded to look through all the other cupboards to see if she could find something. She ended up handing over several non Lancome perfume samples and other tidbits.

So apart from having many vials of perfume I also have many mini tubes of Lancome moisturisers from the many times I did get free samples or when I received a gift with purchase. I used to have a box of these unopened, stacked neatly. I would occasionally open one to use during the winter when my skin was extra dry and used my Clean & Clear oil free moisturiser the rest of the year. I eventually used up all of the C&C so I finally decided to unbox all of them. I think I initially had double the amount of moisturisers in the picture and A LOT that I gave to other people if they didn't suit my skin.

It's still going to take a while to get through these but I've never had to buy a moisturiser apart from that one time I bought the C&C one! Not that I've never had to hand over money; quite the opposite in fact! I'm a self declared (reformed) Lancome addict and I've bought way too many products at the exorbitant prices department stores charge. It's nice to get something back for a change and I intend to enjoy every bit of it!

And you? Do you collect samples and secretly have them stored for future use?

Love Porcelaine.

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