Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: ELF Essential All Over Color Stick

Who doesn't love ELF? Mainly because of its irresistibly cheap prices ELF is a favourite especially from foreigners wanting to get a taste of the $1 US price. Fortunately for me I've been given an opportunity to order from the US ELF website by a wonderful friend and have managed to get several shades of ELF's All Over Color Stick to do a mass swatch and review!
Colours L-R: Pink Lemonade, Persimmon, Lilac Petal, Toasted, Spotlight

The All Over Color Stick is like a foundation stick filled with pigmented creamy colour with a fair amount of shimmer. They come in various colours suiting the face such as neutrals, browns and pinks that complement foundation or as a blush (officially they can be used on eyes and lips too). The All Over Color Stick also has a cousin called All Over Cover Stick which is matte in mostly foundation colours.  

For just $1 you get a plain twist up tube of product which may look tiny (4 grams) but actually pack a punch. Unlike a lot of other ELF products the All Over Color Stick is not a half empty item lasting very few uses.
Above: Taken with flash unblended

Above: Taken with flash blended out at the top

To apply you have to rub your fingers on the product (or apply straight to the face) which is a little unhygenic (there doesn't seem to have preservatives, but contains water...). But all could be forgiven for the way it applies. It's really smooth, blendable but doesn't fade throughout the day.
Above: Taken under lightbulb and zoomed in. The sparkles and colour show up much better!

How do I like to use it? Toasted is one of my favourite colours because it makes a perfect contour colour for dewy foundations in my foundation regime. It's a breeze to blend and doesn't look shimmery at all! Pink Lemonade is also a great blush colour that is pigmented without being too bright! 

I do commend ELF for always being up there in terms of great packaging even for the price and all instructions, ingredients and details are on there. I think it's obvious I love these so much and would buy them again and again!

The only one left that I didn't swatch was Golden Peach and I think it was out of stock, often the case with ELF though I don't understand why they don't have heaps of stock in their warehouse!

So are you an ELF fan? Have you had some big hits or misses?

Love Porcelaine.

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