Monday, July 8, 2013

June Adoration

If you've been following this blog you definitely know I have a penchant for posting lots of Nail of the Days! But believe it or not I didn't do my nails for months until June, the last NOTD before I stopped being Covergirl Outlast in Midnight Magic.
So what exactly did I do with my nails in the meantime?
They were bare because my nails had become far too damaged after zealously applying nail polish week after week!

So I went to a good friend for advice in passing. I had in mind some of those nail strengthener polishes. She suggest that I try a repairing nail cream instead. I bought Vaseline's Hand & Nail Cream and have been using it on and off for months.

I've also tried to protect my nails by filing them down. Sounds like the opposite thing to do, right? Polishing my nails has flattened the surface of the nail so that it won't easily catch, chip or break. I've been using mostly Layla Hologram Effect Base File and Manicare Miracle Shiner. The shine is breathtaking just after polishing and it almost as good as having nail polish on!

But I definitely miss having nail polish on. I've been lemming to try Maxfactor's Ruby Fruit which is a bloody deep red, almost black colour. I love having a gothic flair and this matches beautifully!

Don't worry, my nails will be back in action soon! They have slowly grown out and are a bit stronger thankfully! But this time not so much nail polish at a time!

Love Porcelaine.

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