Friday, September 20, 2013

Review: Essence's Me & My Icecream Limited Edition Collection

Essence, oh how I love thee! I truly can't get enough of this brand and it's starting to frighten me how much I'm obsessed with Essence.  This month Essence released a new limited edition collection in Australia (albeit old for everyone else in the world) called Me & My Icecream.

I bought 4 items: Shimmer Pearls in I-CY U, Cream Blush in Ice Bomb, Eyeshadow in Always in my Mint, and a set of Nail Topping Stickers in Rainbow Sprinkles. Also available were some nail polishes, hand wipes and a couple other eyeshadows.

The Shimmer Pearls ($5.75) are definitely a replica of the Guerlain Meteorites however they are not a dupe. In comparison to my own Perles du Dragon, Essence's version is more of a plush shimmer and of a softer texture which really suits as a proper finishing powder. The colours are a range of pastels like peach, mint, cream, pink and lilac. The softness makes it easy for a brush to pick up product and the effect is a slight brightening of the skin. The only downside is that it's strongly scented.

Always in my Mint ($4.95) is one of 3 marble eyeshadow. Unfortunately all 3 are very similar because the base is white. When swatched this eyeshadow is a frosty white and you can't really tell the undertone much. The application and texture is similar to any other of Essence's eyeshadows like Mystic Lemon and Starlight.

Left to right: Always in my mint e/s, Shimmer Pearls, Cream Blush

I found the highlight of the collection was definitely the Cream Blush ($4.95). It's the same texture as Maybelline Dream Bouncy so when you press the foamy blush you get a dent in it! I actually like the novelty of this texture but it also helps not to overload the colour. The colour is a light shimmery pink with slightly peachy overtones and contains a tiny bit of sparkle.

Lastly are the Nail Topping Stickers ($3.50). They are basically a sticker version of caviar nails but I think they look more elegant than the caviar nails you do yourself. I'll be saving this for a special occasion but I already like how 3D the pattern is.

Overall I'm quite pleased with what I picked up. The only thing I can really criticise are the stores. I've found again and again that I have seen or accidentally picked up used products. Both Priceline and Target generally don't seal the products, and Essence definitely doesn't either. This collection didn't have any testers available and unfortunately I found out that I bought a used blush. Used products are such a common occurrence. It's really annoying that it was necessary to go back to Priceline and exchange the product.

Are you an Essence fanatic? Do you check up on every collection?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. These are so cute! To be honest I don't know that I've ever tried anything from Essence... I think most of the local drugstores around where I live don't carry it. I love the color of that blush, though it's pretty gross that they don't seal them.

    1. Essence's limited edition collection are always much better than their "permanent" style products. It's a shame that they don't sell it where you are but they only started selling Essence in Australia last year. And seeing fingerprints on my blush definitely grossed me out!


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