Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Liptember Charity Lipsticks

When I found out that Chemist Warehouse were selling exotic lipsticks I jumped at the thought and quickly investigated that Liptember, a charity for the awareness of Women's Mental Health, had released a set of 6 lipstick shades. The premise is that during the month of September they urge women (or brave men) to wear a shade of bright lipstick, just like Movember is the month for men to grow their 'mo'.

I like the idea of being able to give to charity as well as getting something in return so I took this opportunity to buy all of the shades. Each costed $4.99 (the receipt says original price was $10 but I'm not sure that is correct).

When swatched you could really tell what stood out and what flopped. The yellow or gold shade was shimmer based so it was very sheer. The green was mostly shimmer and a bit sheer. The blue couldn't build to opacity. The purple, red and pink shades however, as could be expected for common colours did apply opaquely. They all had a thin consistency and the purple, red, pink and blue shades were nearly matte with a slightly moist finish. The packaging is really simple and no frills but the wind up mechanism is a little unstable. Considering that the promo pics are oversaturated compared to the real thing is a little disappointing. Lip liner would definitely help bring the colours out.

All in all I think it's obvious that these are novelty items but I think being a charity item I did decide to be a bit generous and bought all the shades because it was for a good cause, not because I expected it to be brilliant. A few tweaks could make these products very useable. 

It's already halfway through the month so there are 2 weeks left to buy. Unfortunately I found out that I bought a tested lipstick which had to be exchanged so it took me longer than I hoped to post this. Along with the official Liptember lipsticks, Revlon (4 lipstick shades for about $10 each) and Carmex (tinted lipbalms) have also joined to make some limited shades for this cause. 

Has anyone tried these lipsticks?

Love Porcelaine.

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