Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: ELF Essential Lip Stain

As with A LOT of ELF products you often get a high from using them the first time (like these eyeliners). It's exciting and feels like opening doors to a new world of cheap but on trend makeup....
Then there's the lows, when you finally sober up...

Sound strangely familiar to any of you? 
When I tried ELF's Essential Lip Stain I was enamoured! 
Lip stains have come a long way and the lip stains and tinted lip products have also been much loved recently with Revlon rereleasing their Just Bitten range (both stain and balm), Clinique's Chubby Sticks, and YSL releasing some extravagantly expensive lip stain too.

Getting back to ELF I tried 2 colours: Crimson Crush (a deep red) and Berry Blush (a deep berry). 
Anything bright and rich in colour is a winner for me. When I first applied Berry Blush I fell in love. It was richly pigmented, lasted through light meals (WOW), didn't feel dry, didn't come off when I applied a balm on top, and covered the whole lip (not just the inner fleshy parts like a lot of other lip stains). After that I had to apply it at every opportunity.

Within days I was devastated! 
Suddenly the lip stain weakened dramatically and pretty much dried up. 
I tried to stand the pen with the applicator down so that gravity might help! 
But NO, little benefited from it! Then I started to shake it downwards, again it only slightly helped but that was like putting the lip stain on life support...

So there lay *melodramatic music* my beloved lip stain, so dear to me, DEAD!
RIP...5 day old Berry Blush.

But all was not over since I did have Crimson Crush and I thought perhaps it was an isolated problem. Of course I had to go back to ride the high and crash down low again...

Lesson being? For $1 this is a great product that does what it says....in it's short lifespan. It's made me think about mass production and waste. Would it be worth it to buy many of these to be replaced every few days? Being eco conscious it worries me!

Verdict? While these are quite the exceptional product for the price it's still shockingly unaffordable in the long run (they were $1, but now they are $2 each?). The annoyance of replacing these every time it runs out is not really worth it and it scares me how many will go to landfill.

Have you tried these? What do you think about packaging and waste?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I've never tried these, but I have tried other lip marker/stains like this and they also dried out quickly! I suppose if you were traveling and just needed something to hold you over for a few days until you got home these would be good, but otherwise I don't think I'd knowingly buy something that was going to dry out that fast. It's a shame, because this format is so convenient.

    1. I do love the felt tip application because it's similar to the eyeliners and easy to use. Oh well, it's too bad for ELF.

  2. I'd love to try it out, since I really like the colour. Still, the drying out issue is a big downside :/

    1. Let me know how it goes if you do! I couldn't bring myself to do it again though for environmental reasons.


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