Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Givenchy Prisme Foundation in Shaping Beige

 When you hear "Givenchy" what do you think of? I've always remembered their couture fashion, pretty dresses and runway looks, but now I've been given a new thing to remember and that's their high end cosmetic range! 

I'm always quite reserved about my enthusiasm for high end cosmetics for a couple reasons:
  1. The brand name is like well worn stamp! The brand's products would never exist without the brand but the brand certainly wouldn't exist without their commercial products such as luxury totes, sunglasses, perfumes and cosmetics. Selling couture clothing is mostly a loss for the company, only existing to boost sales and notoriety of their mass produced ranges.
  2. I have a personal rule of thumb: High end brands usually secure a 75% performance factor for their cosmetic ranges. What do I mean? Well, granted you've paid a GINORMOUS amount of money you can rely that your product is mostly great, the packaging wonderful, however do note that more money does not equate to perfect HG (that's Holy Grail) products!
 So the question is now: How does Givenchy compare? Do they succeed in bringing a beautifully crafted quality product? Let me introduce Givenchy's Prisme Foundation in 03 Shaping Beige. If you've read my past post on Myer you might know that I purchased 2 Givenchy items and had a hell of an experience. Long story short, I bought these on 50% off sale for $39.50, was $79! (almost US full price). 

The first time I wore this things got complicated! I was going to do some errands and thought it was the perfect time to try a new foundation (not!). After washing my face, and letting a layer of moisturiser sink in I applied Shaping Beige with the enclosed sponge, swirling through all 4 colours as instructed and it applied matte, kind of velvety, almost skin like. Immediately I was blown away. The 4 shades, although cumbersome in such small squares, did help to shape my face but not sharply contour. However as I finished off my chin I was left with visible dry patches of skin.

Why, oh why? I had to think on the spot about what to do now that the foundation was on my face. After quickly adding the highlight and contour shades to accent my face I searched for my ELF Makeup Mist & Set Spray. It worked wonders smoothing out any dry spots. A layer of Givenchy's Le Prisme Visage-Mat Powder in Acoustic Pastel flattered me and gave just enough soft focus to make my skin look divine. I was saved!

L-R: Highlighter Shade, Left Middle Shade, Right Middle Shade, Contour Shade.

But after using it again I wasn't happy with how this foundation applied. If my skin was dry then the foundation was not great at hiding the imperfections. Applying the mist also sheered the coverage but helped lasting power. It worked as a setting powder. As you can see below the demarcation line is not obvious on my hand! At the bottom is the foundation and the top is bare skin.

So now I have a love hate relationship with this foundation. Like a lot of high end brands the foundations seemed to be made for people with smooth perfect skin and a balanced oil ratio. For the price this is not the all in one HG I would have expected.

As you can see above the foundation on the right is 10 grams weight while the illuminating powder on the left is 11 grams. It's beyond me why the foundation has less product than the illuminating powder considering that you would apply more foundation than the powder. Below the compacts are indeed different sizes and the foundation is noticeably smaller.

While the foundation is pigmented and medium coverage I used a lot of product to cover my face. I suggest not mixing all colours together and just apply the medium shades all over, then contour with the other two shades or the contour shades will reduce too fast. I wouldn't be surprised if I ran out in a month of full use! Replacing a foundation every month? No way! Adding the insane prices... Sorry Givenchy, but you're no Jesus Christ.

Overall I'm still on the fence. I will definitely enjoy using the one I have until I've hit pan!
Have any of you tried Givenchy yet? What's your take on high end brands?

Love Porcelaine.

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