Friday, November 22, 2013

Review: Givenchy Le Prisme Visage Powder in Acoustic Pastel

Last winter I did an unthinkable impulse purchase and decided to buy not one, but two luxury branded products, a Le Prisme Powder Foundation and a Le Prisme Visage Powder by Givenchy. The Le Prisme Visage-Mat Powder in Acoustic Pastel wasn't originally the intended shade I tried to purchase, and a saga ensued at Myer, but nonetheless I decided to test it out anyway.

Acoustic Pastel consists of 4 pale shades that combined creates a sheer finishing powder. It's a mostly matte base with slight shimmery particles. The effect is subtle, enough to give that soft glow effect but is not as strong as other finishing powders, especially those with a silica base.

Together the 4 shades creates a white powder with a pink undertone. Provided you have a good foundation base this powder definitely enhances the texture of the skin but is not heavy, powdery or discernible. Included is a small brush that fits underneath the powder. The brush isn't great quality, a bit too soft for the hardness of the powder, and it's kind of funny to put back into place!

The price Myer was selling it was originally $87 but I snatched it at 50% for $43.50 since they were discontinuing selling the brand. But here's the problem, the same powder sells in USA for $46 at Sephora! Funny thing is, as I discussed previously is that there is more product in the powder than the foundation.

In comparison let's look at Guerlain's Meteorites in the Shade Perles du Dragon. I'm not a big fan of these pearls however I haven't personally tried multiple shades. Perles du Dragon is very, very sheer but also has both a shimmer and a sparkle base (some people don't like sparkles because of the disco ball look when you walk into the sun). In my opinion Givenchy's Le Prisme Powder is more natural and makes your skin look better but is also easier to work with.

In the swatch: Left is Guerlain, Right is Givenchy, both applied on foundation and swatched heavily.

So what is my summary of Givenchy cosmetic products? I still have that love hate relationship with Givenchy. The packaging tears me to pieces because they are so enticing and lovely, almost like a treasure chest. I feel that because the Givenchy powders give such subtle effects, buying one is like buying them all and I'm sure that similar pastel Givenchy powders will look identical on. I probably won't be repurchasing Givenchy because the quality doesn't match the price, except maybe the bronzer. I still like the foundation but the powder is really the highlight (no pun intended).

Have you tried Givenchy? What makes you give into a luxury purchase?

Love Porcelaine.

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