Monday, December 30, 2013

2013: Worst in Beauty, A Year in Retrospect

Could there be one to top them all after last year's epic fails? Well let's see with this year's countdown of the Worst in Beauty!

Kiehl's Lipbalm - This product is functional, yes, but it's also like buying Vaseline after slapping on a Prada label and a huge pricetag. $12 is a ridiculous price and having a pharmaceutical claim is laughable. I have forced myself to painfully chow down these one by one. I won't be repurchasing (it was a gift anyway) and once they're done it will be goodbye forever!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Edgy Emerald, Painted Purple & Tenacious Teal - I'm going to be a rebel and put these famous hyped and well loved products on the bad list. While these are good generally because of the new ground Maybelline made with cheap longlasting products, these colours were far from perfect. They don't set, will not apply opaquely without patting it out in a weird way and are just nothing like cheap alternatives such as Essence Stay All Day to expensive ones like Make Up Forever Aqua Cream. Sorry everyone!

Illamasqua Alter Ego Mystery Selection Box - A while back Sephora was selling a discounted box of Illamasqua products (currently they have a couple "new" versions) and it was not long until many people discovered that these products were probably "shelf-pullers", some past their use by date, others that didn't sell well. Now I was happy with the Cream Blusher and knew the eyeliners would not have gone off. The lipglosses I soon found out were somewhat rancid. Overall I was content... but I think a bit of disclosure would have fared well.

ELF Essential Lip Stain - I wish this didn't have to be here because frankly the product itself is worthy of HG status. But the problem was its lack of product. Each lip stain lasted 5 days! What lip product lasts 5 days before you have to say RIP? It seems when I cracked them open there is still tonnes of product if squeezed up but somehow the application tip doesn't wick the product out. Plus ELF had the nerve to increase its price. To me it shouldn't even be sold.

Glass Nail File (from Chemist Warehouse) - Who would have thought that a traditional foam and paper nail file would be better than a solid piece of glass. This is definitely a fail dupe of Mont Bleu's Crystal files having lasted pretty much less than one use which is a damn shame and lives up to it's little nameless corner of the store where I found it.

Rimmel Metal Rush - Basically I wasn't that impressed with 3 of the shades I picked up. There is something off about the charcoal base that all 3 seem to have contracted in the designing process. For Bronze Princess it was so unflattering and I think the photos in my review make it look better than it is in real like. How could this happen to multichromes?

Ultraflesh Ninja Star 18 Karat Gold Dual Finish Powder - I haven't reviewed this officially yet. It's currently sitting in my draft folder and my only aim for reviewing this product is to warn others of this epic fail. It's powdery, makes you look dry and flaky and it's just wrong. When I spritzed it it dissolved to nothing! I'm still a little pissed I bought it because there were tonnes of rave reviews on it. It doesn't make sense!

Covergirl Outlast in Midnight Magic - Supposively I'm meant to believe that this product has a topcoat in it but this took forever to dry, the wear time was horrible AND I needed a topcoat. I just wonder how long the singer Pink had to sit waiting for her own nails to dry before fronting the camera in Covergirl's advertising campaign.

Ikea Sunnan Desk Lamp - I'm extremely critical of this product for a few reasons but mainly that I had trouble with it working and the fact that a product this faulty by many people's accounts are being given to people in third world countries, that is if you buy one. Environmentally that's a disaster and begs the question how does one in a third world country fix a product like this?

If you've seen my new series of posts called 'Everyday Rants' you can probably tell they hold a bottle of shame about stores that are just doing it wrong. Here's a short list of the rants:
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Oh, this just makes me feel so sad but not to worry! Up next are the Best in Beauty for 2013!
What are the worst products you have tried?

Love Porcelaine.

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