Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Everyday Rants: Online Shopping with Nordic Fusion & Christmas Tips

Christmas can be a particularly advantageous time for both sellers and shoppers but it's also a time when there are plenty of problematic sales or experiences. Unfortunately I didn't have such a great experience recently with one store called Nordic Fusion and will recount briefly my experience as a lesson for all as well as add a few tips in general.

It all started when I received a Nordic Fusion pamphlet. Inside it said that by signing up to the newsletter you would get a $15 voucher. I did that but didn't receive any email for the voucher so emailed them directly. I received the voucher which defined only very loose terms. When I finally came to applying the voucher I ran into a few issues that weren't specified in the email. Firstly it only applied for a purchase over $15 but it wasn't $15 exactly, it kind of only worked a bit over that amount. It also showed an error message that the voucher was used even though that wasn't the case. Lastly the pamphlet indicated free shipping throughout November however it didn't come up in the shopping cart. I didn't recall a code for that but thinking that I was ready to order I put the pamphlet in the bin and unfortunately couldn't recover it. Sadly all this frustration turned me off buying from this store and it seemed the whole scheme was not as well planned as it should be.

So what could we learn from this? Look out for cheap tactics this holidays:
  • UP TO X% : Make sure to check what the sale percentage is for each item.
  • Selling out : This can be as a result of high volume of sales but in some cases this can be a "bait n' switch" tactic that is UNLAWFUL. If a store never had the stock available in the first place even though they have advertised as having it available then they are breaking the law.
  • Check the discount : Some companies will claim to have a big discount on an item but they may have raised the full price of that item, sometimes immediately or sometimes more sneakily they will raise it say a few months prior. If the item has always been a certain price and there's a sudden price hike plus a huge discount then this is illegal in Australia.
  • Check shipping costs : If shipping costs look too high or questionable then the business may be trying to cash in some extra profit in this way.
  • Check the fine print : And if they don't have fine print then be wary of stores that change terms and conditions when you use discounts or when you make a query about it.
For more on consumer law in Australia check out my post on Refunds, Replacements & Exchanges, Fair Trading and the CTTT!

Disclaimer: I do not speak for the law but write only on my interpretation of the law, my experience and my knowledge. I give my advice and opinion in earnest so use my advice at your caution. I am not responsible for consequences on using the information I have given.

Love Porcelaine.

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