Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review: ELF Matte Lip Color in Coral

A while back I made a giant ELF haul, though that's really too easy to achieve considering ELF's amazing prices. ELF's Matte Lip Color had just come out and I decided to try out one shade in Coral.

These were in the higher end Studio line and costed $3. I was really interested in the delivery system, well just a fancy term to describe the fact that this lipstick was in a crayon/eyeliner form. We've all seen how popular the lip product in liner form has been these couple years with products like Revlon Just Bitten lip balms, Hard Candy Visibly Wet Lipgloss Pencil and lots more brands following suit.

The packaging doesn't fail. It's a twist up jumbo sized pencil form with a lid and it's very easy to use. You could whip this out of your purse and easily reapply as needed and the pointed tip helps to define your lips. While the packaging is not the best quality and a little unstable it still matches for the price. The texture of the product is waxy and firm and definitely matte. It lasted well and was resistant to lip gloss which is great. It was neither moisturising or drying. But here's the kicker: It looked waxy and a little cakey on my lips, as if it was painted on the surface of my lips. The colour was also off putting to my skin tone, too light and mask like.

Left: Flash, Right: Daylight

So how should I conclude? I've had ups and downs with ELF. I fell in love with their All Over Color Sticks, had a good experience with their Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils but their Essential Lip Stains left me with mixed feelings. ELF's Matte Lip Color has a place somewhere. It would suit someone on a tight budget or someone who is just starting out in makeup. However for someone like me who is quite picky and has gotten used to quality products this doesn't cut it.

Are you a fan of ELF? How do you get your products outside of USA?

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Thanks for the review... this is one of the ELF products I haven't tried but was curious about. Some of their lip products are a bit waxy but agreed, they're a good pick for someone on a low budget. It looks like it's decently pigmented at least!

    1. If you do try this out, especially other colours I would love to know how it goes! Thanks for reading!

  2. Sorry, I had to have a good laugh at the picture of the product twisted allllll the way out. I am always kind of tempted to do that.

    1. Haha, I forgot to mention the amount of product in it but you get the picture, or a little more than that =P!


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