Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review: Napoleon Perdis Part 3, Marshmallow Foam, Chandelier Shine Nail Polish, Divine Marchesa, Voila Oil Control Paper

Now it's time for Part 3 of my Napoleon Perdis Review including products from all corners of the makeup counter! If you haven't seen Part 1 or Part 2 I suggest you head there before reading this post! Here's another funny story! One day I wanted the perfect bright pink matte eyeshadow. I searched everywhere! Finally I bought Rimmel Maxxx It Up which was great but I wanted to kick it up a notch. Finally I settled on buying Napoleon Perdis' Color Disc and was ecstatic. When I got home I got a big surprise! I found that I bought the exact same colour as the one I had at home (Fuchsia seen here). I didn't realise that the pre-existing eyeshadow looked a bit faded from not being used but was still as bright as ever. What happened next? Keep reading!

What I bought
  • Marshmallow Foam - $25
  • Chandelier Shine Nail Polish in Satin Sheets - $12
  • Divine Marchesa Nail Polish (previously posted NOTD) ~ $10
  • Voila Oil Control Paper - $12
Product & Results

Back to the story... I decided to exchange the brand new eyeshadow. I didn't have a good makeup remover and what do you know, I came home with Napoleon Perdis' Marshmallow Foam...

So how did it perform? I loved the foamy-ness. When a makeup assistant tried this on me one day I loved how cooling it was and thought it did a good job of removing their gel eyeliner. It was a huge bottle, a pretty colour and supposed to be good for sensitive skin and eyes. Later on I didn't feel the same and thought it didn't work that well and you needed a lot at a time. As soon as the bubbles hit your face with a tissue they pop. It still kicked a sting in my eyes too. The foam was a gimmick at the time and I later learned that it's just the pump that does the foam action. Overall I can't say it was bad but not the best value for price.

Once upon a time (when I bought the Voila Oil Control Paper) blotting paper wasn't a huge trend in Australia but it still is in Asia. I had excessive sebum on my T-zone that still plagues me today; at the time I was willing to try this to see what wonders it could do. At $12 for 7 metres it was not cheap for something that was virtually a special baking paper. However it's packaged neatly in a roll out and cut container that could technically be refilled (had refills been sold). I loved the idea of extracting the perfect amount... The effectiveness was average with no extra features (like powder).

Nail polish wise I think they do well though nail polishes in general are usually good quality even in the cheapest brands. They last long, require 2-3 coats, a little pricy for their size. Satin Sheets was a rose pink with blue duochrome sheen, unique at the time. Divine Marchesa, which I did a NOTD is a matte black was very cool at the time.

In all I can't say that NP was 'wrong' or 'bad' because their products work if you are willing to pay. They bring new trends that at the time Australians were oblivious to both the trends and NP products. However you could say that NP has sold out with their Target products which are both pricy and of lesser quality. In part I believe that you are buying a name, a brand, an image, a persona.

Would I buy them again?
Marshmallow Foam? No, because I like cheaper oil cleansers better. Voila Oil Control Paper? No, since The Body Shop has a pack for $5 and works the same. Nail polishes? Yes, if they have something unique and on trend......However in general I can see myself purchasing NP products again. I love their Color Discs, they're Australian and trust that they have pigmented and bright colours.

How about you? Did you Australian readers out there know much about NP over these several years? What about USA readers, what was your impression with their Target range?

 Love Porcelaine.

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