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Review: OCC Lip Tars - Anime, Black Metal Dahlia, Tarred, Batty, Triptych & More!

Even though the first Lip Tars I bought was over a year ago and I failed to mention them in my Best of Beauty 2012 I actually truly adore them and have since bought more shades a second time round. These gorgeous lipsticks, as I prefer to call them, have amazed me especially with OCC's continual evolution in new textures and whacky but oh so perfect colours!
From bottom left to top right: Belladonna, Anime, Triptych, Beta, Stalker, Tarred, Batty, Black Dahlia, Black Metal Dahlia. Centre: Anita

It all started when I attended IMATS (a makeup trade show) and bought not just one but 5 shades despite not having tried them previously, such was the leap of faith attributed to the online hype. Those bloggers couldn't have been more right with their raves. I purchased Anime (hot pink), Beta (true orange), Belladonna (slightly pastelised cool purple, limited edition, discontinued), Stalker (slightly deep cool red), and Tarred (flat black). All of these shades were matte and were the only finish available at the time. 

What I loved so much about these lipsticks was the longevity they possessed. I've always considered liquid lipsticks as longer lasting and my favourite lip products before the Lip Tars were conceived were Revlon Creme de la Chrome Liquid Lipsticks. In fact I owned 4 colours and a backup! To paint a better picture these Lip Tars are the midway point between a conventional lipstick which is usually too moisturising and slippery, and the longlasting lipsticks like Maybelline Superstay or Revlon Colorstay but without the hassle of being practically tattooed to your lips. Easy to apply, easy to remove! 

New packaging (Left) versus the old style (Right)

But it gets better! The thing I hate most about lipsticks is that when you eat most strong lip colours will come off too easily and leave a ring around your lips after the meal. For this reason I tend to avoid wearing lipstick when I know I'll be eating but the Lip Tars either stay on so well or they fade so evenly! When applying the size of a pin head is definitely the amount to start with on your brush. Usually I only need about that much or twice that size to fill my lips. Beware though, they do have a slight minty scent, can bleed (which can get worse after eating) and don't add moisture to your lips.
Left: Holographic card for Metallic shades, Right: Flat Metallic card for matte shades

On my second purchase I bought 4 more shades: Black Dahlia (deep plum, a cross between the matte and stain finish), Black Metal Dahlia (a metallic version of Black Dahlia), Batty (like the shade Tarred but with added silver glitter/metallic pigments, past limited edition) and Triptych (gold metallic). I received a free sample of Anita (matte plummy brown). I bought these online by an Australian store called Vegan Beauty which I will be writing more about my great shopping experience. So far I haven't seen a real difference in wear time in these new finishes. The metallic shades are high impact but they are halfway between a true metallic and a glitter finish. Black Metal Dahlia is almost a dupe (slightly more glittery) to my Revlon Creme de la Chrome in Plum Appeal which is such a rare occurance.

Of course not everything I say can be all good. The Lip Tars have a tendency to settle and so far Batty (above) is the worst settling completely during the common Australian heatwave. I still struggle with the packaging. I currently have Anime and Beta in the original packaging in which the opening was cumbersome however OCC has fixed it since with a smaller pin tip opening. What I really don't like with the third evolution consisting or a pouch, guide card and lip brush is that they are upping the price on a few extras I don't see as useful. There's more product for something that is so pigmented and hard to run out of. The brushes are not good quality and too numerous after buying many Lip Tars. I can see why they have a pouch but it highlights the downfall of having a tube of lipstick that can't be applied straight to the lips, hence you require a brush for touch ups. Nowhere can you find where these Lip Tars are made from. I do approve of the instructions however it would have more impact before everyone knew about the Lip Tars' potent load!

In terms of buying Lip Tars it's difficult to find a good bargain because what I've heard is that OCC has tight contracts with stores on prices and that might also explain why it has barely a presence on Ebay. In Australia they currently sell for $18-20 AUD.

So after reading this you might come to a few conclusions! One, I obviously love Lip Tars. Two, I really have a plum lipstick fetish. And lastly three, I definitely would recommend this to everyone! For years to come these will definitely be a favourite and they are a HG product if you forget about the packaging.

I will be writing up a tips and tricks post about how to apply the lip tars and a comparison swatch post which includes all the colours is now available!
Have you tried OCC Lip Tars or any other products? 

Love Porcelaine.

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