Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to Apply OCC Lip Tars

This is just a quick post on how to apply OCC Lip Tars and get the best wear time. If you haven't already please read my review and swatches/comparison for more information!

 Pictured: OCC Lip Tar in Black Metal Dahlia, Darling Girls Lip Tint, ELF Lip Lock Pencil

1. Prepare!
Since the Lip Tars don't provide any moisture it's essential that you have soft supple lips before application. I recommend applying Vaseline or lip balm overnight or at least half an hour before applying the Lip Tars.

2. Remove
Use a tissue to remove the Vaseline. It's important not to leave too much oily residue as this will break the longevity of the Lip Tar and may cause bleeding.

3. Apply a lip stain (optional)
You can either use one of OCC Stained Glosses (I suspect they don't really have staining qualities but correct me if I'm wrong) or another lip stain that is not oily and matches the colour you will be applying. Apply this as a base and let it really soak in by buffing the lip stain with your lip brush and applying multiple layers. Blot any excess moisture by pressing your lips to a tissue. This helps your lip colour to last longer through eating.

ELF Lip Lock Pencil

4. Base
Apply foundation on your lips and lightly apply powder on top if your foundation is too oily (this is a common makeup artist technique but is optional if you like). This both acts as a base for the pigment to stick and to counteract your lip's natural colour. Line the outside of your lips with a invisible lip liner like ELF's Lip Lock Pencil and blend it into your skin so that you cannot see any chalkiness. This will prevent your lip colour from bleeding.

5. Apply your Lip Tar
Start with less, a pin head size and build up until you reach the intensity desired. Your lip colour shouldn't be wet. Blot lightly a second time. Repeat the Lip Tar application lightly if needed.

Left: Darling Girls Lip Tint, Right: OCC Lip Tar in Black Metal Dahlia over the Lip Tint

6. Powder (optional)
I also consider this optional but this is a common technique used by makeup artists. Peel away one ply of a tissue, hold the tissue on top of your lips and using a translucent powder pat lightly on the tissue with a powder brush. The reason this is done is to counteract any excess oil but considering you would have blotted enough already this is not an important step.

I'm too lazy!
If the above steps are just too much then not to worry. Applying straight to clean bare lips with a less is more attitude will work well if you're not fussed. Make sure to blot afterwards and be careful when eating or drinking which may cause the product to bleed.

I have dry lips!
Lip Tars don't always work with lipglosses and can reduce in longevity. If you have dry lips try using a water based lip gloss (vs. a oil based one) and apply a light layer. Look for gel like finishes as these are more likely to be water based.

So that's my easy to follow instructions on how best to wear OCC Lip Tars!
Are you a Lip Tar fan? Which colours do you have in your collection?

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