Tuesday, January 14, 2014

OCC Lip Tars: A Comparison with Mattes, Metallics, Tarred, Batty, Black Metal Dahlia

Last time I talked about OCC Lip Tars I reviewed it and went through a thorough and broad analysis. This time I want to show a side by side comparison of some of the colours and finishes I currently have.

Matte Vs. Metallic
I find the term 'Matte' a little confusing to describe the original formulation of the Lip Tars. They can appear to be matte when applied but depending on whether you blot your lip colour or how much you apply there can be a noticeable sheen from the oils in the Lip Tar. However, you won't find any shimmer or sparkles in this finish.

Above: Matte shades in Beta, Stalker, Anime

Above: Matte shades in Belladonna, Tarred, Black Dahlia, Anita

Metallic on the other hand is more of a glittery nature. They have large particles of 'metallic'-ness but it's definitely not reminiscent of flat sheet metal, more packed with lots of sparkle. Some colours have a matte base as well as the metallic particles, others are on a clear/translucent base with just the metallic particles.

Above: Triptych, Black Metal Dahlia, Batty

Tarred Vs. Batty
Tarred is an original formulation, a permanent colour and is matte. Batty on the other hand has a black base with a light smattering of silver particles, is a 'Metallic' formula and was part of the limited edition collection 'Sci-Fi Lullabies' (hence not being available on the OCC website). They both have a separation problem which can reduce opacity and create streaking, and that might be because they share the same black oxide base or may just be a coincidence. Batty is great because it makes wearing black more wearable (slightly greying out) and creates a more 3D appearance to your lips.

Left: Tarred, Right: Batty

Black Dahlia Vs. Black Metal Dahlia
I love these names and I find the coincedence, or perhaps intention of naming these shades similar to that of a metal band called The Black Dahlia Murder. Names aside Black Dahlia is a sheerer matte Lip Tar, part of the Heroine Collection but still available. Some people have described it as a lip stain but I beg to differ, it doesn't have staining qualities on my lips. Sadly it's not opaque like the usual matte lip tars. Depending on the amount applied it can look from a red plum to almost black but applying excessive amounts of product is not recommended to prevent bleeding.

Left: Black Dahlia, Right: Black Metal Dahlia

Black Metal Dahlia is pretty much the base of Black Dahlia and the added oomph of the plum metallic pigments. This applies opaquely and looks almost glittery. Because of the reflective qualities of the metallic finish it can appear slightly lighter than Black Dahlia but the difference is very minimal.

So that brings us to the end of the swatchfest and comparisons! Are there any shades that take your fancy? Would you be brave enough to try such out there shades like Batty or Triptych?
Next up will be a guide to applying OCC Lip Tars!

Love Porcelaine.

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